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Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Trim

Common Causes of Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Trim Defects

Your Dodge Ram 1500's bumper trim is slim but it is capable of reinforcing your pickup truck's defense. Since it is located at the front side of your vehicle, it is frequently exposed to harmful elements that will wear it overtime. If you think your truck's bumper trim is no longer fit to do its job, then you had better step out of your auto and troubleshoot to check for signs of wear and tear. Listed below are some of the Dodge Ram 1500 bumper trim defects and their causes.

Flaking paint job

If you have noticed flakes of paint falling off your truck's bumper trim, then you might need to check the type of paint used or the type of bumper material your trim is made of. You see, most trims are made of plastic and rubber. Painting them would require a less time for sanding and drying. In fact, signs of flaking and peeling paint are a result of improper painting or failure to allot time for drying. These symptoms are usually seen in newly painted bumper trims. Luckily, you can easily detect a faulty paint job by just looking or by wiping the trim with cloth. So, if there are flakes falling, then it means you may have chosen the wrong paint, or you did not set enough time for drying.

Hard and brittle bumper trim surface

If visually inspecting the bumper trim surface and you find signs of cracks, scrapes, and other types of deformities, then it means your trim is already weak and fragile. You see, you do not need to be an auto expert to know that bumper trims with cracks are already worn out. This early degradation could be a result of poor maintenance or your bumper trim has exceeded its life service. You can simply diagnose a brittle bumper trim by observing the paint job. Brittle bumper trims usually have fading paint jobs.

Dented bumper trims

Failing to notice other cars while parallel-parking can cause unwanted dents or impressions on the bumper trim. It should easily be noticeable because of the shape distortion. Even though the damage may be small, you should immediately find time for a repair or replacement to strengthen your car's weakened defense. In attempting a DIY repair for the bumper trims, be sure to park the car on a flat surface to prevent the pickup truck from rolling towards you.

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  • Tips on How to Keep Your Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Trim in Good Condition

    In cases of collisions or when simply navigating through hard-to-trek terrain, your pickup truck's off-road capability is reinforced with the shock-absorbing bumper trim. However, even the strongest of bumper trims will eventually give in to wear and tear, and this may soon cause safety issues to your car. To provide a stronger defense for your Dodge Ram 1500, here are some tips you can follow to retain the part's efficiency.

    • Know when and how to paint your bumper trim
    • A bumper trim's durability is often tied with its paint job. In fact, a good paint job suggests a proper bumper trim coating and this extends the part's life service. When doing maintenance, it is highly suggested to paint the trims from time to time especially when you see signs of flaking or peeling. You see, some coating sprays actually provide a boost in shock absorption. But it is advised to use wax and grease removers first before performing the painting maintenance to remove any contaminants that degrade the bumper trim's efficiency. In addition, using sandpaper to surface the bumper trim and applying an adhesion promoter greatly helps in letting the paint stick more efficiently.
    • Know when and how to clean your bumper trim
    • When left unmaintained, your truck's bumper trim will soon turn hard and brittle. Leaving the piece this way reduces its ability to absorb a collision. To avoid this situation, it is best to wash the bumper trims at least once every week. Use only warm water and a mild detergent to ensure that the paint job is not damaged. In addition, the bumper trims should be rinsed thoroughly to avoid damage from residue.
    • Allow drying time after cleaning and painting
    • It is also important to allow time for paint to settle or for the bumper trims to dry after cleaning before driving your Dodge Ram 1500. In fact, this drying period promotes paint adhesion and guarantees a longer life service for the piece.
    Other maintenance remindersWhen applying the paint job, be sure to wear a painter's respirator mask to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. In addition, use only soft cloths and trusted automotive plastic cleaners to prevent early bumper trim paint fading.