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Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Assembly

Frequent Issues of a Faulty Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Assembly

Your Dodge Ram 1500's headlight assembly is built to withstand external elements to provide optimum lighting for your vehicle. However, constant exposure to harmful bits causes a downgrade in lighting performance. If you think your headlight assembly is on the brink for repair, then you better park up the Dodge Ram and troubleshoot. Listed below are some of the most common problems encountered by auto drivers with a broken headlight assembly:

Flickering headlights

If the light from your Dodge Ram 1500 flickers or wavers from time to time but you have just replaced them recently, then you might have loose headlight bulbs. To check for loose installation, detach the casing from the headlight assembly and inspect if the bulbs are fastened securely in the socket. If they are secured in place, then your car probably has a faulty electrical system. You see, the electrical wirings connected to the headlight assembly can become loose overtime. This disrupts the flow of power so it causes your headlights to flicker.

Cracked or chipped headlight housings

Since the headlights are located in front of the vehicle, it is more susceptible to damage. You see, rocks and other debris can crack or chip the headlight's housings, causing the bulbs to degrade at a faster rate. Cracks are easily detectable as they may expand larger when left as is. Simply check the front bumper area from time to time to see if there are any cracks. You see, cracked lenses also lead to another headlight assembly problem-fogging.

Cloudy headlights

Trapped moisture can be a result of cracked, chipped headlight assemblies, or defective weather stripping. Most headlamps are cased in plastic housings, which are susceptible to weather damage. When the housings are damaged, it may allow passage of unwanted elements into the assembly and cause fogging.

Dimming light emission

Dimming headlights could mean that they are about to expire. However, if the lamps have just been bought, then the problem may be caused by a weak, defective battery or a malfunctioning alternator. You see, the alternator keeps the battery charged. When it fails, the battery loses power and consequently causes the dimming of the lamps.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Assembly in Good Condition

    Your auto's headlight assembly is the guide to your safety especially at night or during low-visibility situations. Keeping your Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly in top condition guarantees you a safer and smoother drive. When left unmaintained, your wearing and aging headlight assembly may suddenly flicker out and cause a lot of safety issues to you and your vehicle. To make sure that the Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly is in its optimum condition, follow these cheap, quick, and trouble-free maintenance and cleaning tips.

    • Use rubber gloves when performing maintenance and replacement
    • What most car owners fail to do when they first replace the headlight assembly is to wear rubber gloves. You see, the oil from the skin can affect the light bulbs' life service. The oil penetrates the bulbs and downgrades the durability of the assembly. So, always keep in mind to wear rubber gloves when performing cleaning, maintenance, or repair. In addition, it is also a good idea to cover the bumper with an old towel when doing maintenance to prevent contamination.
    • Use the right water detergent and brushing materials in washing the headlight assembly
    • Your car's headlight assembly housing is typically made of plastic, which is susceptible to chemical damage. Using a mild detergent and soft-bristled brush is enough to rinse off any dirt or debris but is soft enough not to damage the headlight casings. This maintenance is usually done when the lights appear foggy or cloudy. In addition, you may use a melamine resin foam eraser to rub of dirt. However, be careful not to scratch the surface when cleaning because this type has a similar structure as sandpaper.
    • Using a silicone sealant
    • Every time you replace or reattach your headlight assembly, always remember to apply a silicone sealant to prevent water, moisture, and unwanted elements from entering the housing. You see, this simple tip can greatly extend your headlight assembly's life service.
    Other maintenance remindersWhen condensation problems continue to occur, you can drill a tiny hole at the bottom of the headlight casing in order for water to drip out. If condensation still persists, then replacement may be your only option.