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Dodge Ramcharger Soft Top

Most Common Issues of a Dodge Ramcharger Soft Top

Convertibles look flashy. They look cool with both the top on and with it down. However, these soft tops are sensitive pieces of a car that need to be taken cared of if you expect them to make you shine. Neglect can only ruin these tops for you and this, in turn, will ruin the look of your car. Learn how to spot the damage a soft top suffers, such as these problems below, to keep your car looking flashy:

Damaged by the elements

Soft tops are held together by a network of stitches. These are made of cloth, however, and in time cloth has a tendency to succumb to different forces from the outside. Observe your stitching for any damage that may have been caused to it by the sun and other elements. If it is still in considerably good shape, the stitch may be replaced and you may still salvage your soft top.

Hydraulic valve not working

Some soft tops rely on hydraulic valves and gas-operated assemblies in order for them to work. These are most prone to being damaged. Learn to listen to the sound of trouble: a ping right after a momentary whirring of the motor. Look for other signs of trouble with the 5th bow micro switch and other micro switches on the latches in thetourneau.

Fluid leaks

Another problem with the hydraulic valve is that it may leak. These valves have fluid in them that make the top go up and down. If it does not move, it could be because the fluid level is low, an indication of a leak. Check the hydraulic pump for any signs of fluid leaks coming from them. If there is none, then it may be that your pump itself is the one that is faulty.

Other problems with soft tops

Soft tops might have other issues that you can diagnose for yourself if you know where and how to look. Aside from problems with the top's stitching and the hydraulics, other issues that could cause it to not work properly may include restrictions in the hydraulic lines, loose or broken fittings, and damaged cylinders within the hydraulic assembly.

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  • Keeping the Pristine Condition of Your Dodge Ramcharger Soft Top

    There are a lot of things which could pose a serious threat to your soft top. Its delicate mechanisms could fall victim to being neglected, resulting in problems when raising it up or using it on your car. There's also the weather and different elements coming from the outside, which could seriously damage the material it uses to protect your car. To keep these from happening to your own soft top, here are a few tips to help you preserve your soft top:

    Clean your soft top

    Acting as the roof of your car, soft tops can come into many problems, which may range from simple to complex. The simplest of these is when your soft top becomes dirty from many outside conditions which could have been, but were failed to be, avoided. Some of these can be dirt and leaves from trees which became stuck after a downpour. Cleaning your soft top can be easy. All you need is warm water, a soft terry cloth, and a dab of mild liquid dishwasher.

    Apply a protectant

    Most soft tops use vinyl as a material. Using vinyl protectant on your vinyl soft top can make sure that it will continue to work for you for years to come. Without it, your soft top may suffer from cracking and fading more sooner than would be possible. Using protectant on your soft top will also help it repel dirt, grease, and oil, as well as harmful UV rays.

    Use a soft top conditioner

    For soft tops of the leather variety, owners usually use a leather conditioner before applying any protectant. Leather conditioners help in making sure that your soft top will soak up the protectant better than without it on. You can see this for yourself just by observing the areas and comparing them. Areas with the leather conditioner on it will usually look better than the areas that don't have anything on them yet.

    Other tips of the trade

    Remember to always keep your soft top in the up position when leaving your car in for the night. This will help to have your top stay in it's original shape. It will also help to resist natural shrinkage and avoid crease marks in the areas where the top folds down.