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Dodge Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

There are many parts in your Dodge that are responsible for giving you a comfortable ride. Two of the most important parts are the Dodge shocks, which help to absorb the impact of a bump in the road and they help to slow the movement of the suspension after the obstacle has passed. They are located between the fame of the vehicle and the tire assembly. Using hydraulic oil, the Dodge shocks absorb the energy of the bumps in the road and convert that energy to heat, which is dissipated into the surrounding air. If you have noticed that your ride is becoming progressively less comfortable and that the vehicle is sagging at one end, it may be due to a set of failing Dodge shocks. The seals that keep the hydraulic oil pressurized during operation may have begun to leak. When it becomes necessary to replace the Dodge shocks, you will find the correct parts for almost any vehicle within the pages of our convenient online catalog. Our Dodge shocks are manufactured to meet the specifications of the original parts, at a significantly lower price than similar parts from the dealership. They will be a perfect fit for your vehicle and they will match up with all of the stock mounting locations. For some vehicles, we may also offer upgraded versions for performance applications or different length units for vehicles that have custom ride heights. When you are ready to order a set of new Dodge shocks for your vehicle, visit our web site to take advantage of our secure online ordering system, or you may also place your order by phone, with a toll-free call.