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Dodge Spoiler

Get that cool and sporty style you've always wanted for your vehicle by installing new Dodge spoiler. Car spoilers are used as car accessories for enhanced performance and look. Greater speed and much better road grip are the end result of spoilers on the car's driving dynamics. Spoiler is actually meant for racing applications. Vehicles may tend to slide or go out of the racing path during extreme increase in speed, thus to attain greater grip on the road, spoilers are mounted. They can be positioned in front or at the rear part of the vehicle.

Greater grip can also be achieved using other means such as putting on extra car weight or using wheels and rims with materials made from heavy materials. However it also has negative results on the car's performance. The added weight may also require added force to combat the inertia produced and so the car becomes slow and sluggish. On the other hand, cars with spoilers can have much better speed without interfering with the vehicle's features and weight.

Spoilers are also called wings although they work the opposite way as airplane wings does since they are mounted upside down to produce downward force on the car. The air that passes over the spoiler pushes the car down which produces greater traction and firmness. Greater traction leads to greater friction between the car and the air and road grip for ease and speed over turns and corners. For race cars, smooth carbon-fiber chassis are aerodynamically designed for smooth flow of air over the car. Race car spoilers or wings give lesser friction with high down force design. Ordinary street cars use spoilers as mere decorations although it must be chosen well so as not to affect the car's performance. For minivans, spoilers are added to prevent rain water from entering the car's rear window.

Dodge spoilers can be used both for performance and style. Style, design and color vary to match the distinct style and features of different car types. Color tones can create a distinct car appeal. Spoilers with the same color as the car look as if it is an exact extension of the car's body. Installing car spoilers is easy although it may depend on the vehicle's features. Other cars may require drilling of holes to fit in screws while others have easy installation features that will not entail much time and effort. Spoilers installed in front are called air dams while those on the vehicle's rear are called wings.

Dodge Spoiler Models