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Dodge Starter

When you get into your Dodge and turn the key, you rarely think about the system that allows your vehicle to start -- until, that is, it does not work. The part that actually does the brute-force work of turning the engine over the first time is the Dodge starter. It is a large electrical motor with a pinion gear at the end. When the key is turned to the start position, the starter solenoid closes a high-power circuit that provides power to the Dodge starter. The unit starts to turn, while extending the pinion gear into the flywheel. As the Dodge starter turns the flywheel, and thus the engine, air and fuel are added to the combustion chamber, and the mixture is ignited. If everything is in good working order, the engine should now continue running. After a period of many years, problems may develop within the Dodge starter. The most common cause of a failure is the small metal brushes within the unit that transfer the electricity to the spinning core at the center of the part. When the brushes wear away from friction, the Dodge starter can no longer receive the power it needs to run. Another common failure is due to worn teeth on the pinion gear. The friction on the pinion gear as it enters the flywheel will slowly grind the surfaces of the teeth down, until the Dodge starter can no longer transfer its power to the engine at all. When you need to replace the unit, you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our online catalog, at a great price. The Dodge starter can be ordered either from our secure web site, or over the phone, with a toll-free call to our sales department.