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Dodge Steering Rack

When you turn the steering wheel of your Dodge, many parts work together to ensure that you turn the corner safely, without doing damage to your tires or the vehicle itself. One of the many components in this system is the Dodge steering rack. When you turn the steering wheel, it turns a small pinion gear at the bottom of the steering box, which interfaces with teeth on the top surface of the Dodge steering rack. The unit moves left or right, according to the steering input. At each end of the Dodge steering rack, there is a system of tie rods and ball joints, which transfer the force directly to the wheels. Because the entire system is subjected to large amounts of friction, all of the joints must have a good amount of lubrication to prevent damage. The Dodge steering rack and the rest of the system should be lubricated at least twice a year to ensure that the parts achieve their full life spans. After many years, even with the proper amount of lubrication, the teeth and the joints on the Dodge steering rack may suffer from the effects of friction, resulting in sloppy steering and possibly vibrations while driving. When it becomes necessary to replace the unit, our online catalog will have the appropriate part for almost any vehicle, at a price that is much less than what the dealership would charge for a similar part. Our Dodge steering rack is made to the same quality standards as the dealership's version and it can be counted upon to provide lasting service. When you are ready to order the Dodge steering rack for your vehicle, visit our secure web site to place your order, or the process may be completed over the phone, toll-free.