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Dodge Stratus License Plate Bracket

Diagnostic Steps for Common Dodge Stratus License Plate Bracket Problems

License plate brackets are important because of one reason: it is illegal to drive around without license plates. A Dodge Stratus license plate bracket is a reliable piece of equipment, as all Dodge parts are. However, it can still get damaged because of two things. Because it is located outside the vehicle, it is affected by elements and road debris. Rain, snow, flying rocks, and dirt are some of the factors that can compromise the bracket. The second reason is that it is usually made of plastic, and even a fender bender can damage it severely. Here are the most common license plate bracket problems and how to diagnose and troubleshoot them:

Lights inside the bracket won't light up

There are certain Dodge license plate brackets that have lights to illuminate the license plate. These lights are most useful when you are driving on a dark road and allow a traffic enforcer to make out your plate number. They also allow you to add a customized look to your Dodge. When the lights inside the bracket don't turn on, check for wiring problems. Park your car and inspect the license plate bracket-it could have been damaged by the impact from road debris, which may have affected the bulbs inside. The heat contained inside the bracket might also be the culprit-it might have caused the bulbs to burn out. Check for a blown fuse under the hood as well.

Rattling noise coming from the front of the vehicle

When you hear a noise coming from the front of your Dodge, check the mounting bolts holding the license plate bracket in place. They may have come loose and are producing the rattling sounds. Furthermore, check if any of the retaining mechanisms are damaged or corroded. This might cause the mounting bolts to come loose and lose their grip on the license plate bracket.

If the bracket is held in place using clips, check how these clips fit on the front bumper. They should attach snugly to the bumper cover. Check for damage to these clips as well. They are usually made of plastic-when they warp and crack, they will not do a good job of holding the bracket in place.

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  • Making Sure Your Dodge Stratus License Plate Bracket is in Excellent Condition

    What's worse than being pulled over by a traffic enforcer for speeding? Being embarrassed because you lost your license plates while you were driving, that's what's worse. An officer might assume you were up to no good, and you might not simply get away with a ticket. Common problems with a license plate bracket involve broken retaining clips, busted license plate lights, and corroded mounting bolts. So, how can you prevent all of these problems from happening? We have put together a maintenance guide you can follow regularly.

    Keep the license plate bracket moisture-free.

    Moisture can seep inside the license plate and the bracket and can cause the interior to form rust and corrode. Prevent this before it happens by wiping it clean after parking your vehicle inside your garage. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth when wiping the exterior surface of the bracket. The transparent vinyl or plastic material might get scratched if you use a regular cleaning cloth or rag.

    Make sure all the mounting bolts are secure.

    When replacing or cleaning the license plate bracket, take time to inspect the mounting bolts. Check if they hold the bracket securely. If a bracket is loose, it will not only take damage, but it can also compromise the bumper cover. Be wary of how well the bracket is attached to the bumper to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

    Some license plate brackets are attached via clips to the bumper cover or grille assembly. Make sure these clips keep the bracket in place properly. Give the bracket a couple of tugs to make sure it doesn't shake or rattle in place.

    Check the lights' wires regularly.

    Your license plate brackets may have lights that illuminate the license plate for traffic officers to better see it in the dark. You need to check if the wires going under the hood are not exposed and do not heat up fast. Heat can decrease the performance of electrical wire or even make them fail altogether. Make sure the wires are neatly strung together. If necessary, use zip ties and tape the wires to the bumper cover's interior to prevent them from taking too much heat from engine components.