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Dodge Tie Rod END

Having full control of the tires while you are in motion is obviously important for safe driving. One of the parts that can contribute to your safety, or compromise it, is the Dodge tie rod. It is the final link between the steering rack and the wheels. When the steering wheel is turned, a pinion gear moves the steering rack in the appropriate direction, and the Dodge tie rod transmits that motion to the wheel. The tires are extremely heavy and hard to move, especially at slow speeds, so all of the parts of the steering system must deal with a large amount of friction. On each end of the Dodge tie rod is a ball joint. Because both the ball and socket of this joint are made of metal, it is especially vulnerable to the forces of friction. In order to reduce the harmful effects, the Dodge tie rod has a lubrication system for the joints. On some vehicles, it is sealed, and nothing can be added. On many vehicles, however, the joints on the Dodge tie rod will have grease fittings, to which the proper lubrication should be added at least a few times a year. Over time, even a well-lubricated joint will eventually suffer from the effects of friction. If the problem goes unnoticed, the Dodge tie rod could possible break away from the tire, causing a dangerous situation. Fortunately, our web site will carry the appropriate part for most vehicles, at a very good price. Visit our secure web site to order the Dodge tie rod for your vehicle, or, if you prefer, you may place your order by phone, with a toll-free call.