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Dodge Tonneau Cover

When you must carry cargo in your Dodge that is easily damaged by the weather, there is a better choice than taking up room in the passenger cab. Installing a Dodge tonneau cover can dramatically increase the amount of dry storage you have. It is installed over the bed of your vehicle and it is completely waterproof. There are two different versions of the Dodge tonneau cover. The soft unit is made out of heavy-duty vinyl, and it is affixed to the bed of the vehicle with a series of snaps. When you must carry large cargo, the Dodge tonneau cover can be unsnapped and rolled up, either partially or completely, in a matter of minutes. For better protection, the hard version is a great choice. This Dodge tonneau cover is made of fiberglass to save weight, and it is available with or without a locking mechanism, which gives you the option of secure storage. It uses pneumatic struts to assist in opening and loading the unit, and it, too, can be removed in minutes to carry large items. Both versions of the Dodge tonneau cover come in a standard black color, though the fiberglass unit can be painted to match your vehicle. They are available for a great price in our online catalog, for many vehicles. Both versions of the Dodge tonneau cover are made of high quality materials and they come fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. By visiting our web site, you can order the Dodge tonneau cover through our secure ordering system, or you also have the option of placing your order over the phone, with a toll-free call to our sales department, at any time.