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Dodge Valve Cover

In order for the engine in your Dodge to run, it needs air coming into the combustion chamber and it needs the exhaust to leave, which is controlled by the intake and exhaust valves. These valves are located on the top of the engine for easy access and they are protected by the Dodge valve cover. The cover seals out external contaminants and keeps the valves lubricated, by sealing the oil in with a gasket. There are only two reasons to remove the Dodge valve cover. If the gasket is leaking, the cover will need to be removed to replace the gasket. The other reason to remove the Dodge valve cover is to repair or replace the valves, rockers, and springs. In both cases, a new gasket will be required. When installing the new gasket, great care must be taken to ensure that the load-spreading washers end up in the correct positions, and that the bolts are not over-tightened. If the Dodge valve cover bolts have more torque placed on them than the recommended specifications, the cover can be easily warped or damaged. This is the most common reason why the Dodge valve cover must be replaced. When you need a new one, you will find the correct version for many vehicles in our vast online catalog, for a great price that is typically much lower than what the dealership would charge. The new Dodge valve cover will fit your vehicle perfectly and, with proper attention to torque details, will provide reliable service for years. The Dodge valve cover can be ordered easily from our secure web site or by phone, with a toll-free call, at any time.