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Dodge Wheel Bearing

As your Dodge is moving down the highway, a large amount of power is transferred to the wheels from the driveshaft. This creates a large potential for friction, and when added to the weight of the vehicle on the wheel, it is quite obvious that the Dodge wheel bearing is under constant stress. It is actually a large assembly, consisting of several bearings and a race that is designed to contain them, while allowing free movement. While the Dodge wheel bearing allows the wheel to spin freely, the force of friction will begin to take its toll on the bearings. Fortunately, the amount of friction is reduced with a good amount of lubrication, which comes from the axle assembly. After many years, however, it will become necessary to replace the Dodge wheel bearing. Usually, a grinding noise can be heard or a vibration may be felt as the part nears failure. The Dodge wheel bearing can be inspected by raising the suspected corner of the vehicle with a jack until the tire is off the ground. Then, grasp the tire at opposite ends. Push one hand forward and one backwards. The tire should not move at all, but if it does, it means that the Dodge wheel bearing is far too worn to be safe. Our online catalog will have the correct replacements for many vehicles, at a very low price. It is manufactured to strict tolerances and quality standards and, barring physical damage from a driving mishap, you can expect that the Dodge wheel bearing replacement your receive from us will take you many thousands of miles. To order the Dodge wheel bearing for your vehicle, visit our secure web site, or you may place your order with a toll-free phone call, if you prefer.