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Dodge Window Regulator

Stress, changes in temperature and regular wear and tear are the common causes of car window regulator problems. One of the simplest solutions is to replace it with new or used Dodge window regulator. Wide array of products in various types are available in the market, both in the net and in your nearest local stores.

Aside from replacement, window regulator repair is also one of the best and the cheapest solutions. Repair is easy, cheaper and can prolong the life of your regulator. Here are a few steps that can help in having repairs. The first thing to do is of course to remove the interior door panel. Once removed, the window regulator mechanism can be checked. The window must be half-way open to have access into the bolts attached on the regulator. Wood or any hard material can be used to prop up the bottom of the window glass. The two bolts that secure the window in place are the first to be removed followed by the three bolts attached on the power window motor and the four bolts that connects the regulator to the door.

Once the component is detached, inspect it for defects and damages. Cracks are often found on the top pulley bracket which can slack the cable and make it dysfunctional. Fabrication can be done to replace damaged aluminum support bracket. Just measure and cut a support bracket and connect it to the back of the pulley mount. Then trim the rough edges of the support bracket to match the shape of the original pulley mount. Take time in mounting the new support bracket to the regulator. Make sure that it is exactly aligned on the position where it should be. Bore at least two holes on each end of the pulley mount and the support bracket. Then pop-rivet the bracket to the regulator using the drilled holes. Make sure that the rivets are clean and will not interfere with the cables. Do not scratch or cut the rivets when cleaning since it can weaken its performance and efficiency.

After drilling and shaping up, use spray lubricant to lubricate the entire mechanism before placing it back. To re-install, just follow the reverse process in removing the regulator. Make sure that the window is secured before tightening the bolts. Once the regulator is mounted, hook-up the power window switch temporarily and test the window operation before putting back the door panel. Check everything and make sure that everything is secured in its proper place or else you may repeat the entire process.