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Dodge Wiper Arm

When the weather is not too great outside, the wiper system on your Dodge ensures that your windshield is clear no matter how hard it is raining or snowing outside. The part that transfers the power from the motor to the wiper blades is the Dodge wiper arm. It is designed to hold the wiper against the windshield with enough pressure to bend the blade to the shape of the glass. When the Dodge wiper arm is in good working order, the proper amount of pressure is applied and the window will remain clean. After many years, however, the springs that apply the pressure to the blade may start to stretch, reducing the pressure. It will then be necessary to replace the Dodge wiper arm assembly. Other reasons to replace it include a physical impact that has bent it out of shape, corrosion, or stripped gears where it connects to the motor. In any case, a new Dodge wiper arm for most vehicles can easily be found in our large online catalog, for a price that is most often much lower than what a replacement would cost from the dealership. Our version meets all of the specifications of the dealership's part, and can be counted upon to provide long, and lasting service, just as the original did, barring physical damage to the unit from vandals or who have a bit too much zeal in their efforts to leave tickets or fliers under your wiper. Installing the new Dodge wiper arm is very easy. Simply remove the screw retaining the old unit to the motor output, remove the old part, and install the new unit. When you are ready to order the new Dodge wiper arm for your vehicle, feel free to visit our web site, to use our secure online ordering system, or you may place your order by phone, with a toll-free call, if you prefer.