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Door Lock Assembly

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Unlocking the 7 Steps to Installing a New Door Lock Assembly

Have you ever imagined having a lockless door? No? Well that's because no car should exist without a properly working door lock. So when you car's door won't lock or unlock willingly, install a new door lock assembly with 7 easy steps.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • New door lock assembly
  • Preparing your car for installation

    Using an appropriately sized wrench, disconnect the car's battery cable from its negative terminal. Don't look at this step as something unnecessary and time consuming. Especially for electrically powerrf door lock assemblies, disconnecting your battery can help prevent you from accidentally grounding yourself during the installation.

    Removing the door handle panel

    Before proceeding to the door lock assembly itself, you should first remove the door handle panel and disconnect the switches. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unfasten and pull out the screws that secure the panel in place. Once the panel comes off, push in the thumb tabs of the switches to take them out from the door handle panel. Aside from the door handle switches, you should also remove the mirror switch from its clip, and other switches for that matter, to completely remove the panel. Once the switches are removed, pop the bezels from the panel using a screwdriver and guide the switch through the hole on the door handle panel. Pull out the loose panel and set aside.

    Accessing the door lock assembly

    Now you can proceed with removing the old door lock assembly. First, you have to gain access to the assembly itself, which entails removing all parts that are blocking your view of it. Unscrew the bolts that hold your car's door panel. You should also remove the side rear-view mirror panel using a Philips screwdriver. To completely separate the door panel from the rest of the car door's frame, push the panel upward and slide it off.

    Locating and removing the old door lock assembly

    Your car's door lock assembly should be located inside the left corner of the door's frame. Observe how it is attached to the frame of your car's door. If it is attached using screws, then unscrew these bolts to let the actuator loose. On the other hand, if the door lock actuator is held in place using a bracket, push in the arm of the actuator and release it from the bracket using a flat screwdriver. Disconnect the harness, if there is one, from the old actuator.

    Installing the new door lock assembly

    Replace the old actuator with the new door lock assembly. Install the assembly into the frame and refasten the screws or replace its bracket to secure it inside the car's door.

    Testing the new door lock assembly

    It is important to check if the door lock assembly is working properly before you reassemble the car's door to avoid having to disassemble the panel again when your newly installed door lock assembly fails to work. Lock and unlock the doors to test its functionality.

    Reassembling your car's door

    Once you're sure that the replacement part works perfectly, reassemble the door panel the same way it was removed and reattach the negative battery cable.