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If you're sitting inside your car with the windows all closed and, yet, you still hear traffic as if you were outside, then something's wrong with your car's doors. To be more specific, you've got a door moulding problem.Each of your car's doors is equipped with rubber-covered inner edges; those strips of rubber that run around the door frames are supposed to keep road noises out of the passenger compartment. And noise control isn't going to be your only problem. There's one more thing that a door moulding's good for - keeping out water.With worn-out moulding, you can be assured that torrential rain falls will make their way into your car's cabin, wetting the interior and ultimately leaving behind odors and mold. If you don't want any of these hassles, replacing worn-out or torn door mouldings should be your priority.If you do decide to replace them, make sure you use weatherstrip sealant to glue them firmly in place. A silicone spray will also help in keeping moisture out of the cabin. You'll find everything you need here at Carparts.

• Comes in sets of six, for easier installation

• Made from high-quality, long-lasting rubber

• Fits most stock door frames