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Driveshaft Center Bearing

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Set Up Your New Driveshaft Center Bearing in Six Easy Steps

Troubled by a constant grinding noise when turning your vehicle? Check the driveshaft. The center bearing might be warped, causing the whines and grinds when you accelerate. A midway support to the driveshaft from the transmission to the rear axle differential, the center bearing (sometimes referred to as the carrier bearing), is one DIYer-friendly part. A broken or failing driveshaft center bearing can be fixed in a matter of minutes, even without the use of complicated tools and procedures. Read on for a simple and guided driveshaft center bearing installation.

Required skill level: Novice

Tools and materials you'll need:

  • Wrenches
  • Air hammer or jack ensemble (i.e., jack, jack stands, hammer)
  • Grease
  • Brass-ended punch
  • Chalk or any marker of your preference
  • Duct tape
  • Preparing for the project

    Although this DIY project is tagged as easy, it is still recommended to follow safety precautions. Wear personal protection equipment and try to work in daylight as much as possible. In case the work is inadvertently scheduled at night, always remember to have a working light at hand.

    Getting to the driveshaft

    With the jack, raise the car at a height enough for you to get under it. Don't forget to allot some space for your tools and your working area. Place the jack stands under the axle or frame to support the vehicle.

    Marking the spot

    Use the chalk (or other markers you wish to use) to mark the exact positioning of the center bearing. Since the connection of the driveshaft to the transmission is a single-fit splined shaft, the index mark will be especially helpful in installing a new center bearing. Map out the exact positioning of the universal joint and plates also.

    Pulling out the driveshaft

    Some cars have their bearing blocks bolted by nuts that are fastened to the frame; others have blocks bolted directly to the frame. To remove these, use appropriately sized wrenches. Unscrew the bolts that attach the universal joint bearing to the yoke, which comes out of the rear axle differential. Clothe the caps of this bearing with a considerable amount of duct tape to prevent them from falling off. Extract the driveshaft backward. In the process, the splined shaft will also be pulled out from the back of the transmission. Take out the driveshaft so you can work on it at a more comfortable space.

    Getting rid of the defective center bearing

    The plates that join the front and rear parts of the driveshaft have bolts. Remove these and set aside the rear portion while securing the front compartment in a vise. This front connecting plate of the shaft contains the center bearing. To access it, remove the bolts that hold the plate in place. With a hammer, bang the old driveshaft center bearing. The brass-ended punch can keep the shaft from scratches, in case you need to blow the bearing off at the direction of the collar that comes in contact with the shaft. With an air hammer, though, expect the bearing to come right off after a single blow.

    Putting on the new bearing

    A slight application of grease should make the new bearing slide into place more easily. Push the center bearing to the shaft and then hammer it in place. Again, use the brass-ended punch to prevent scratches and nicking if hard hammer blows are required. Bolt the driveshaft parts into their original positions, following the markings made earlier. Remember to tighten the driveshaft yokes first, before proceeding with the bolts to the bearing. This will prevent stress at the back yoke bolts. Reverse the removal procedure for the rest of the installation.

    Driveshaft Center Bearing Articles

    • APA/URO Parts vs. Westar: Which Brand Has the Better Driveshaft Center Bearing?

      Driveshaft center bearings may be among the least recognized car parts, but their function is nowhere within the parameters of "least." Relaying power from the transmission to the differential, the driveshaft (and its components like the center bearing) is essentially responsible for your vehicle's forward motion. Since its condition is crucial to your car's motion it is important to ensure this part is premium grade. APA/URO Parts and Westar both promise quality and function that any car owner would look forin a driveshaft center. But which brand can provide better bearings?


      Among other considerations, Compatibility emerges as the foremost requirement in replacement center bearings. After all, even a new car component would not function well without compatible pieces. When it comes to compatibility, both brands establish themselves as pros. Westar gives its customers center bearings that are of the same fit as the original parts. APA/URO Parts does the same with its inventory of well-researched center bearing styles and fits that are suitable for a variety of car makes and models.

      WINNER: APA/URO Parts and Westar


      Quality also appears to be one of the major selling points of the two brands. This commitment to quality can be seen in the materials they use in their products, like rubber and steel, which prove to be durable and highly crucial to the center bearing's smooth operation. APA/URO Parts and Westar both use high-quality materials and adhere to high-standard construction processes that are based on tedious research. For that, again, they both score a point.

      WINNER: APA/URO Parts and Westar


      Both brands offer their bearings as individual purchases. Sold individually, driveshaft center bearings from APA/URO Parts are offered at $36.95 to $135.95. Westar center bearings, on the other hand, can be as low as $2.99. The most expensive center bearing offering from Westar is at $100.60. Apparently, Westar is the choice in terms of price, especially for those who are working on a tight budget.

      WINNER: Westar

      The verdict

      In the end, both brands surface as top manufacturers of high-quality driveshaft center bearings . Focusing on the compatibility and quality of their products, Westar and APA/URO Parts can definitely give any car owner the bearing of his need and liking-at undoubtedly affordable prices. So, which brand has the better bearing? Well, they're both good. The "better" depends on you.