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Dynomax's high-performance exhaust products are designed to boost your vehicle's power and torque. Each Dynomax Exhaust System includes high-end features such as aluminized pipes and mandrel bends on the tubing. But here comes the best part: Dynomax products cost lower than its competitors/ Aside from boosting your riding experience, Dynomax makes sure you receive much more than your money's worth.

In its' quest to provide top-notch quality, Dynomax is the sole exhaust company that uses full computer and dyno-design techniques on all of its' products. Being a huge automotive supplier, Dynomax guarantees that the Dynomax Exhaust System was conceptualized and created through extensive research projects and state-of-the-art design equipment.

Dynomax makes sure nothing hinders you from experiencing the Dynomax Exhaust System difference. Worried that the task of assembling would be too hard if you want to do it yourself? Don't fret, Dynomax Exhaust System is fully equipped with all the clamps, hardware and gaskets needed to finish the whole job. Afraid of being arrested by the emissions police? Fear not/ There are more than 50-state legal Dynomax Exhaust System applications, more than what other manufacturers offer.

Boost your car's performance, increase your riding pleasure. Order the Dynomax Exhaust System with the Dynomax Mufflers and the Dynomax Headers now/

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  • Tips on Buying Dynomax Exhaust, Muffler & Header

    DynoMax is the world's largest supplier of high performance exhaust system components and has been the manufacturer of DynoMax exhaust systems for the past 70 years. This dynamic division of Tenneco Automotive still offers the widest selection of high performance headers, mufflers, exhaust systems, and accessories on the market. DynoMax exhaust systems are tested and proven superior through domination in both street and racing applications. In fact, DynoMax exhaust systems are designed and developed with racetrack results that funnel advanced performance technology into the newest and best exhaust system advancements. DynoMax exhaust systems offer high durability mufflers for every performance application. In both dependability and quality, DynoMax exhaust systems lead the market to victory.
    Dynomax has developed the ultimate muffler for your RV - the high strength Ultra Flo. Designed to maximize both flow and power, this DynoMax muffler uses Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) for powerful, high performance sound. This exclusive material easily withstands temperatures of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The DynoMax muffler's racetrack researched design - a straight-through, continuous perf tube design - is intentionally manufactured to maximize sound absorption and minimize turbulence. The DynoMax muffler's stainless steel construction adds optimum appearance, corrosion resistance, and extra durability. Brushed stainless steel spouts are standard on all Ultra Flo import mufflers, with bushing diameters from 2" to 3 1/2" to fit a wide variety of street applications. (30" length is the DynoMax recommendation for most RV muffler applications.) The DynoMax Ultra Flo Muffler has also been enhanced with high chromium content, high-luster T-304 cover and heads. No other RV muffler compares/ The DynoMax Super Turbo Flo mufflers are perfect for many truck and RV applications - featuring the DynoMax straight through exhaust system design for maximum durability, increased temperature resistance, and long life. Super Turbo Flos are entirely double wrapped or arc welded with the market leading DynoMax Ultra Flo technology. Turbulance reduction at the highest levels with custom researched, designed, and now patented flow director technology. DynoMax Super Turbo Flos sport 100% aluminized materials for sharper appearance and extended life. A rich, true performance sound is provided by DynoMax fiberglass matting. These Ultra Flo Super Turbo mufflers flow any direction, unless stated otherwise. And they are now available with 3" internal flow tubes, for specific applications.
    DynoMax Headers dominate in power, strength, durability, and class/ They feature mandrel bent primary tubes, precision machined for leak-free seals. And they're bolt-on for quick and easy installation. Every DynoMax Header finish has a high luster ceramic coat, available in painted or high luster ceramic coating. This full-coverage, durable protective surface won't discolor, chip, or rust. Testing shows that ceramic coating lasts 14 times longer than chrome, 140 times longer than paint, and meets the challenging DynoMax® 5000-hour salt spray test without a single failure. DynoMax Headers meet EPA & CARB emissions requirements in all 50 states. They are high technology headers designed for maximum flow and 100% quality tested/ DynoMax Headers lead the market.

  • Choosing the Right Dynomax Product, For the Right Job

    Dynomax is the only exhaust company to utilize full computer and dyno design techniques on all its products

    Aluminized and stainless steel construction is available on Dynomax products so you can tailor your system to your budget

    Dynomax headers offer mandrel bent tubing and ceramic coating and a price that will amaze you

    Machined flanges mean Dynomax headers fit your heads snugly the first time, eliminating exhaust leaks

    If you've been thinking about adding a cat-back exhaust system to your vehicle, but you've been holding off because it sounds like too much trouble, check out a Dynomax exhaust system for your ride. Every Dynomax exhaust system includes the company's dyno-proven exhaust components that include high-end features like aluminized pipes and mandrel bends on the tubing. But more importantly for the do-it-yourselfer, the Dynomax exhaust system comes packaged with all clamps, hardware, and gaskets needed to do the entire job. That means you can bolt on a cat-back Dynomax exhaust system in an afternoon, not a weekend, and be enjoying the power increases and smooth tone from your Dynomax exhaust system faster. There's a Dynomax exhaust system available for most import and domestic cars too, so finding your application is easy. So is skirting the emissions police since there are more 50-state legal Dynomax exhaust system applications than any other manufacturer offers. If you don't find your car listed, you can always assemble a Dynomax exhaust system from separate mufflers, pipes, and accessories. Dynomax offers most of its Dynomax exhaust system components individually, so now there's no excuse for you to not be feeling the Dynomax exhaust system difference on your car, truck, van, or SUV!

    The folks who design Dynomax mufflers realize that there are a lot of folks out there on a budget who still want great sound and a free-flowing muffler. That's why they make Dynomax mufflers in a couple of different configurations. No matter what, nothing is sacrificed for full-flow exhaust output and increased horsepower at noise levels you can live with. Instead, Dynomax mufflers are constructed differently to provide different price points. For example, you can get full stainless-steel Dynomax mufflers for the ultimate exhaust build. Dynomax mufflers can be ordered using a handy worksheet whereby you can calculate the power output and sound levels you wish to achieve, then determine Dynomax mufflers are best suited to your application. The same holds true if you go with the aluminized, all-welded Dynomax mufflers. These Dynomax mufflers use aluminized construction instead of stainless, but still have excellent longevity and sturdy build quality along with the famous Dynomax sound. The Super Turbo Dynomax mufflers offer an even more economical entry into the Dynomax family, but you still get great aluminized construction for long life. All Dynomax mufflers are available in a variety of sizes and input/output configurations so you can assemble the right system for your car around the right Dynomax mufflers. After that, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the horsepower, and the mellow rumble, from your Dynomax mufflers.

    What do you look for when you shop for exhaust headers? Probably the same thing you look for when you shop for most automotive accessories: Quality, power improvement, and price. Dynomax headers score big in all three categories. Let's start with quality. Dynomax headers use mandrel-bent tubing in all their primaries. The result is more gas flow for higher power output, despite the fact that it takes complex machinery to do correctly. Dynomax headers also have precisely machined flanges so that they bolt up to your heads and are leak-free the first time. Again, it takes more work to accomplish, but its another example of the thought that goes in to all Dynomax headers. Finally, the design of Dynomax headers means that they're a bolt-on component intended to be installed quickly and easily. That certainly can't be said about all the competition! As for power improvement, Dynomax headers are designed in a state-of-the-art dyno facility to ensure that they supply rated power and torque improvements consistently and across the powerband. No other manufacturer has the design capability that the team at Dynomax headers has. And the price? Well, when you buy Dynomax headers from us, you know we've got you covered on that front. To top it all off, Dynomax headers are emissions-legal in all 50 states, so you can enjoy them no matter where you live.