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In the past, people didn't have the comfort of air conditioners. In the 1830s, at a hospital found in Florida, people creatively thought of using buckets of ice behind fans in order to blow cool air to the patients. It was only in 1902 that the idea of creating an air conditioning device came to American engineer and inventor, Willis Carrier. He called his air conditioner, the 'Apparatus for Treating Air'. From then on, other inventors started inventing their own versions of air conditioners for buildings, houses, and eventually for cars. That's why today, with the push of a button, or turn of a knob, you can enjoy the advantages of having air conditioning inside your home, office, and of course inside your car. And with Egelhof, known experts in producing top-quality expansion valves for your car's air conditioner, you can be sure to keep the cool inside your car.

You see, air conditioning, like it says, 'conditions' air. This device cools the air down and decreases the amount of moisture present in it. The air conditioner has a lot of components that help regulate the temperature inside your car's cabin. And this includes your Egelhof expansion valve. Basically, this part of you're A/C unit is a pressure-regulator that works hand-in-hand with the receiver dryer, getting highly-pressurized refrigerant from it and turning the refrigerant into low-pressure vapors for the evaporator.

Using a sensing bulb connected to the expansion valve, this part can sense both temperature and pressure. And to regulate refrigerant flow, the valve removes the pressure from the liquid refrigerant coming from the receiver dryer and turns it into cold low-pressure vapors. The vapors then are passed to the evaporator to be vaporized and the heat from the passenger compartment is absorbed. Finally, the blower fan inside the cabin pushes air over the outside of the evaporator to circulate cool air. So when the expansion valve becomes clogged with debris, or when small parts of the valve corrode, the air conditioning system can malfunction entirely. That's why for top-notch expansion valves, you can get them from the world-class brand Egelhof.