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EGR Valve Position Sensor

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With the amount of pollution in the environment right now, every step towards reducing pollution counts. As a vehicle owner, you can do your share by keeping your car's exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve position sensor in top shape.This component plays an integral role in the EGR system: it decreases the amount of nitrogen oxide in the engine's exhaust emissions. The EGR valve pos. sensor detects the measurement of the EGR valve's opening, so the engine control module (ECM) routes the proper amount of exhaust gas into the cylinders.Should the sensor fail and send the ECM inaccurate information, too much exhaust gas might be mixed with the combustion mixture. This can lead to the malfunction of the EGR system, resulting in poor fuel economy and increased production of toxic exhaust emissions from your car.So check your EGR valve pos. sensor regularly. If your car's stock sensor is defective, you can easily find a reliable replacement at Carparts.

• Helps the EGR system reduce the toxicity of your car's exhaust emissions

• Guaranteed to send the ECM accurate readings

• Compatible with most engine types