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Vent Visor by EGR

A Guide to Buying an EGR Vent Visor

Driving during rainy days could only mean one thing: you have to keep your automotive windows up. Nobody wants to get soaked in water-whether it's due to a tranquil drizzle or a raging downpour. Unfortunately, the air inside your vehicle could become stale with all the windows rolled up, so you go to an automotive parts store to buy an EGR vent visor. Will your vent visor last long enough to endure the rainy season? Find out below:

EGR in-channel vent visor

  • What makes it special: This EGR vent visor protects the cabin of your vehicle from getting soaked in rain while allowing sufficient ventilation when the windows are down. Since this vent visor is mounted with high-grade automotive foam tape inside the windows, it gives your vehicle a cohesive and seamless look. The foam tape used for this vent visor adapts to the contour of your windows, so tiny gaps are concealed. If you want a little bit of air to circulate through your vehicle while it's parked, you can slightly roll down the window without any worry of theft or breaking in.

  • Where it fits: This vent visor fits perfectly on almost any type of vehicle. The seamless look it provides, once installed inside the windows, is great for achieving a bespoke look that you want for your ride. Just make sure to get the correct model for your ride, and you're good to go.

EGR external tape-mount vent visor

  • What makes it special: Just like the in-channel vent visor, this type uses high-grade automotive tape for installation. The only difference is that you mount it outside the windows and not inside. In addition to providing excellent protection from rain and snow, this EGR vent visor also reduces air drag and wind noise so that you can drive peacefully through rain or snow.

  • Where it fits: This EGR vent visor is great for any type of vehicle. Whether you're installing it on a small car, a mid-sized SUV, or a powerful truck, you can't go wrong with this vent visor if its easy installation that you're after.

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EGR Vent Visor Articles

  • A Few Key Things to Know about the EGR Vent Visor

    Installing a vent visor or a window deflector in your vehicle is important for a number of reasons. The most important thing of all is that you don't want rain or snow to enter the cabin of your vehicle while the windows are rolled down. The EGR vent visor looks like a promising piece. Find out more if it does stand up to the test:

    How efficient is it? (4/5 stars)

    The in-channel EGR vent visor from the Slimline series offers excellent barrier against rain and water. Moreover, this vent visor is made from hardwearing acrylic material that is custom-molded to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle. Because of that, it creates a streamlined, almost bespoke, look for your ride. The visor sits snugly in your automobile's windows, which makes the visor falling off from the vehicle one thing less to worry about. What makes installing this accessory great is that it improves your vehicle's fuel economy by using less air conditioning. It also reduces annoying wind drag and noise. However, this visor tends to be a little too wide at the bottom, which can obstruct your view of the side mirrors. Moreover, it sometimes prevents the windows from rolling all the way up. Nevertheless, this accessory is given five out of five stars for its efficiency and style.

    Is it easy to install? (5/5 stars)

    Nobody has the time to fidget around when installing car accessories such as this vent visor. The EGR vent visor installs in less than 20 minutes maximum, that's why it's rated five out of five stars. The visor stick in place instantly, thanks to the high-grade automotive tape that came with it. Moreover, it sits perfectly right in the channel-you don't have to worry about pounding it in to stick in place.

    Is it worth the price? (5/5 stars)

    With prices ranging from $45 to $90, you simply can't go wrong using this vent visor. It's a great value for your money considering the quality of artisanship dedicated to creating this window deflector. For their reasonable pricing and excellent quality, this visor is rated five out of five stars.

    Overall rating: 5/5