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In cars, gaskets can be made of rubber or metal depending on their function. But whether made from rubber or metal, when it comes to gaskets, Elring is the brand that should 'ring a bell'. Since 1900, Elring has provided the world with top-quality gaskets that top vehicle brands such as BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Kia, Porsche, Toyota, and Volvo trust. And with 40 other top brands that count on the advantage of having durable gaskets in their engines, steering system, and suspension systems, this product can definitely be tagged world-class.

Gaskets serve as mechanical seals that fill the gap between two surfaces in regular contact to prevent leakage or to reduce the amount of friction so that parts that rub against or are linked to each other can move with greater ease. There are many types of gaskets, but the ones used by most cars are made of metal or rubber. Metal gaskets are often used between parts of your car closest to the engine. This is because metal gaskets are more tolerant of extreme temperatures, not to mention the fact that metal gaskets can expand and contract with the surfaces it seals. One example of a metal gasket that Elring makes is the head gasket found between the engine block and the cylinder head.

On the other hand rubber gaskets are used most of the time on movable areas. Your car's suspension parts, like your steering link and control arms, use rubber gaskets to prevent these parts from prematurely corroding because of friction. Elring rubber gaskets are compression fit so they won't ever loosen up. At the same time, these rubber gaskets created by this top-notch company provide the right amount of 'slide' needed for car parts to freely move.