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If you are to rank the most meticulous company in the auto parts industry, Elth is probably number one on that list. Founded in 1976, Elth S.A. creates various electromechanical components for automotive and household appliance industries. This top company is known for the production of first-rate products that have caught the attention and earned the trust of car manufacturers. From thermostats, temperature sensors, oil level sensors, fuel heaters, and windshield washer systems, Elth adheres to zero-defect policy, so you can expect your Elth parts to render great road performance for a long time.

Elth has been using total-quality control approach in creating products since the company started. Thoroughly conceptualized and tested by a myriad of experts during the whole manufacturing process-from initial production ideas to assembly-one can say that the products that Elth provides are really of top-notch caliber. In manufacturing products, Elth considers the company's research and development department its heart. Their research and development conceives of ideas and continuous upgrades for old and new products to make sure that their customers benefit from their products' improved reliability and their reduced production cost. Another section that Elth can boast of is their engineering department, which analyzes, executes, and tests the data that research and development provides. With the help of computer analysis, experience plans with control of the materials, and tests on samples and prototypes, the company is able to eventually create the end product-reliable and top-performing products.

You might say they are tough on themselves, but isn't it the goal of all manufacturers to develop and produce products to last and perform for a long, long, long time? For Elth, toughness begets toughness. They are definitely strict when it comes to the production of their parts but if the results are class-A products, then it's all good for the business and for the company's customers.