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Are you tired of gaskets that 'break' their promises? Well, if your car is equipped with Elwis gaskets, that won't ever happen. You see, when it comes to sealing those gaps between your engine, transmission, and other parts of your car, Elwis is definitely the brand to look for. As a leading independent provider of original and aftermarket sealing solutions for automotive engines and industrial applications, Elwis Royal aims to continuously design and manufacture gaskets able to perform as good as their original parts.

This top-class gasket company has come a long way before establishing its name in the automotive market. In 1938, Harald Nielsen, then a young engineer, recognized the need for top-quality gaskets and established 'Harald Nielsens Pakningsfabrik'. After that, the gasket company was acquired by a foundation when Nielsen suddenly passed away. Come 1965, the company strengthened its mark in the automotive industry after Dana Corporation acquired 50% ownership and renamed the company to 'Victor Royal'. And finally in 1988, Ole Lottrup bought Victor Royal and merged it with his company, Elwis A/S. The company was renamed 'Elwis Royal'. While the company went through many name revisions, the company's focus in creating gaskets never changed.

Elwis Royal definitely succeeded in continuously providing durable and top-performing gaskets to top car brands, auto part manufacturers, and customers all over the world. Just like a blacksmith continuously besting his last creation and increasing the level of his craft, Elwis Royal keeps developing its manufacturing and logistics in a way that allows them to forge efficient and flexible gaskets for their customers locally and internationally. And the company promises to do that by investing in the latest machines and technologies, developing new products and materials, properly handling of their logistics, and bringing down production costs.