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According to the 2007 study of the US Department of Transportation, there are 254.4 million registeredpassenger vehicles in the United States, and each of these vehicles contribute to air pollution. This problem does not exist in the US alone. In every major city in the world, air pollution continues to cause major health and environmental problems. Chief of these being, that most of the amount of smog that accumulates in the air comes from vehicles. To address this problem, catalytic converter manufacturers like Emico Technologies continuously develop and upgrade direct fit products to further lessen those harmful effects coming from vehicle use. The company has already committed to providing 'greener' catalytic converters to the industry.

In 1996, a Volkswagen plant in Canada had a department exclusively producing catalytic converters. But after Emico Technologies saw the potential for catalytic converters as a business venture, the owners of Emico purchased equipments, tools, quality assurance gauges, and parts and materials from Volkswagen. And they were able to create a company focusing on providing the world with both original and aftermarket catalytic converters-a venture that was not only profitable for them but beneficial to vehicles and the environment as well.

You see, the job of a catalytic converter is to turn harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the vehicle's exhaust system. It was invented in 1975 to help vehicles comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Act. The United States requires 75% reduction of pollution coming from all vehicles, which was to be achieved with the use of a catalytic converter. And Emico Technologies devotedly adheres to the US and international standards.