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Energy Suspension Bushings are designed to take all the punishment your vehicle can dish out. Whether it's a vehicle that's lowered or raised beyond stock specifications, the original rubber suspension bushings are at a huge risk of failing. They usually cannot withstand the forces of a vehicle setup at a non-stock riding height. That's where Energy Suspension Bushings come in. They're made of HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane that is better suited to take all that abuse than rubber suspension bushings. Energy Suspension Bushings come in red and black urethane components-the black components are made with graphite to add a lubrication property. Both red and black Energy Suspension Bushings are engineered to be free-floating and non-binding. That gives more firmness to the components and adds to the performance improvement on your vehicle. Energy Suspension Bushings install with common automotive or motorcyle tools and do require a basic knowledge of vehicle repair. Each contains detailed, step-by-step instructions and usually install just like rubber bushings. It will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to do the installation yourself.
Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings will give your shifter a crisper and more accurate shifter feel. Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings also use HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane, a formula that will last many times longer than the typical OEM rubber bushings. They will restore and add additional performance to yoru vehicle because greater firmness is engineered into the bushings themselves. The result-you'll have better longevity, handling and control. The durability of these shifter bushings is superior to most rubber components used on cars, trucks and SUV's. Oil, road salt and other under car contaminants will eventually destroy the rubber bushings. Rubber is also compressed with the weight and torque forces. The Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings will stand up well to those contaminants that can destroy rubber and have been desigend to give your vehicle longer-lasting performance and will not compress permanently.
Energy Suspension has over two decades of in-house experience in inventing, engineering and making a huge selection of polyurethane components for many different industries and the company is a premier manufacturer of the highest quality polyurethan components available in the market today. The company's policy tolerates nothing less than excellence from intial design through the molding process to welding techniques and hardware selection.

Energy Susp Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Energy Susp Product, For the Right Job

    In terms of producing world-class rubber bushings, you can definitely trust Energy Susp. For more than 25 years, this company has been the number one manufacturer of rubber bushings made from polyurethane, a compound that is remarkable for being resilient, flexible, and durable. Energy Suspension's polyurethane bushings are molded and designed to directly fit and match any vehicle's suspension and steering parts like sway bars, control arms, leaf springs, ball joint boots, and coil spring insulators. And for developing these highly-specialized compounds into the rubber bushings, this company sought-after by auto part suppliers and customers all over the world.

    Characterized as "as much an art - as it is a science", Enery Susp's way of developing polyurethane keeps astonishing auto part manufacturers and customers alike. This company employ's diligent researchers and chemists that focus primarily on this task, and this devotion produced top-quality products that buyers can count on. This company's policy of manufacturing in-house from initial research and development, to chemical formulation, molding, and designing enables them to properly monitor every aspect of their products. And this makes every single product they produce a masterful work of both art and science, adding to the customers' confidence in the company.

    Using the same compound, Energy Susp also provides motor transmission mounts that reinforce the transmission system and body mounts that restore and increase vehicle height. So whether it's sports cars, commercial trucks, or luxury vehicles, Energy Suspension's products will definitely perform at their best so that your suspension and steering system parts and other parts of your vehicle can function well. In terms of quality and design of their rubber bushings, this Energy Susp pledges that they will continue their commitment to excellence, a vow that will not only benefit their customers but will continue to be profitable for the company.