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Exhaust Clamp

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To weld or not to weld-that is the question. Many owners who get aftermarket mufflers usually face a dilemma when it comes to installation. Should they weld the new muffler in place, or should they just use exhaust clamps? Well, using an exhaust clamp can be more practical than welding the muffler in place.The problem with welding, though it makes for a more securely attached muffler, is that it makes repairs much more difficult because you can't remove the damaged part. Mufflers can and will leak over time, due to the pressure and heat they handle.An exhaust clamp lets you remove the muffler in case any repair or replacement is needed. And if you're simply tired of how your exhaust sounds, exhaust clamps allow you to easily remove the clamp and replace your car's stock muffler. That's much easier than having to cut through any weld spots just to make repairs.Convinced that clamping the muffler in place is the way to go? Then why not check out the various exhaust clamps Carparts offers?

• Allows easier access for repairs or replacements

• Doesn't crack like corroded welding spots

• Available in different sizes