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Expansion Tank

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Not all drivers are alike. While some have a devil-may-care attitude about driving, some choose to be more cautious and careful on the road. Vehicles owned by the latter, for example, are probably equipped with expansion tanks.An expansion tank is one of the most useful aftermarket products you can add to your vehicle's engine cooling system. This tank is designed to catch any overflowing coolant, making sure no coolant is wasted as it expands in the radiator.Once the engine cools down, the coolant is taken back into the radiator's tubes. By accommodating overflowing coolant from the radiator, the expansion tank ensures that your vehicle's engine doesn't overheat due to lack of coolant. Convenient, right?Installing an expansion tank is also easy, since most tanks are custom-designed for specific vehicles. But don't worry. We at Carparts we have a complete line of extension tanks for a wide range of vehicle models.

• Serves as an additional coolant reservoir in the system

• Helps prevent overheating

• Easy to install