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Dirt, dust, moisture and other unwanted crap randomly sticks to your car every time you leave it parked in your garage every night. These tiny particles could contribute to the degradation of your paint job or worse, cause rusting and corrosion. But is there really something we could do to prevent this act of nature? With the help of the right car cover, yes, we can! The EZ Cover Car Cover protects your car from the little buggers that Mother Nature flicks at your vehicle by simply enshrouding your car in a durable non-abrasive material cover. The Car Cover is made from heavy fabric to keep it in place whenever strong winds blow the way of your car. Rain? This cover is waterproof so that will not penetrate as well. Simply put, the EZ Cover Car Cover is weatherproof!

EZ Cover Car Cover is the ultimate car cover, indeed. You won't need anything else after you purchase one of these babies. It comes with its own patented reel in storage case that allows the front of the cover to come out first, keeping you clean because the cover never touches your clothes! This storage case is designed to be used by left and right-handed people, it can be stored in an area less than 1.5ft, saving you precious garage space.

The EZ Cover is available in Grey color only and comes with the black patented storage case. It's constructed using special high-grade polyester that's treated with weatherproof UV coating. This coating keeps the water, dust, dirt, sun, bird poo, acid rain and just about anything from penetrating the cover. It took 2 years of dedicated hard work and research to develop a technologically advanced lightweight cover that could withstand the minor irks of Mother Nature. The fabric was engineered to be durable but soft as the same time so it will not scratch your ride.