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How to slap on a new radiator fan motor

An engine that does combustion is imperiled by overheating, which results to mechanical failure. Likewise, when a car overheats, it will break down and damage some parts of the engine block like the head gasket. Therefore, temperature regulation is critical to the working order of an engine. The main component that regulates the temperature in the engine is the radiator. But what cools down the radiator? This is where the radiator fan comes in. Powered by the fan motor, the radiator fan blows air to the radiator so the coolants within it cool down faster. Coolants with lower temperatures can draw out more heat from the engine. Nonetheless, the fan motor will deteriorate in time and will need replacing. Here's how to slap on a new fan motor.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • A set of screwdrivers
  • A set of wrenches
  • A new fan motor
  • Uncouple the battery cables

    It's important to uncouple the cables from the battery to avoid electrocution.

    Unplug the wire connection

    The next step is to unplug the wire that powers the radiator fan motor. Some wires are securely connected with a screw so have your screwdriver ready.

    Unbolt the radiator assembly

    Unbolting the radiator assembly requires a number of wrenches. After this, just pull the assembly out carefully. You might need to move several wires, hoses or even remove other car parts.

    Remove the fan blade

    The fan motor is the bulge that is directly connected with the fan blade. To get to it, the fan blade must be unscrewed first from the motor. Pull the fan blade out of the drive rod. Check if the fan needs to be replaced also.

    Detach the fan motor from the housing

    Once the fan blades are out of the way, remove the nuts that hold the motor onto the housing. By then the old, defective motor can be easily taken off.

    Install new fan motor

    Install the new fan motor onto the fan housing. Make sure that it has a tight fit. Next, put the fan blade back to the motor drive rod.

    Return the radiator assembly

    With the motor and blades safely secured on to the housing, the radiator assembly could be placed back to the engine block. Remember to screw and bolt everything nice and tight so they won't inadvertently fall off. Don't forget to couple the wires and the battery cables so the motor can receive electricity. Start the engine and see if the fan is rotating.

    Tips and Warnings

    • Make sure that the car hasn't been used for a couple of hours because the radiator could get dangerously hot. Without proper protection, nasty burns might be sustained. Wearing protective gears such as safety mechanic gloves provide maximum grip, handling and protection during the installation.
    • Don't mix all the nuts, bolts and screws together. Separate them in different containers so you won't get confused as to what goes where.

    Fan Motor Articles

    • Which fan motor will blow you away: AC Delco or 4 Seasons?

      Picture this: a car pulled over on the shoulder with an open hood and steam blowing up from the engine. Not too far is a man talking on the phone in one hand while the other is scratching the back of his head. Is this scene familiar to you? Or worse, did this already happen to you? Irregular and improper maintenance of the engine cooling system frequently results to overheating. And when the car overheats, you're going to be in a lot of trouble. The radiator is the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about engine cooling. However, the radiator needs to be cool also in order to cool down the engine. This is where the radiator fan comes to play. The fan motor rotates the blades to blow air from the outside, lowering the radiator temperature. Without the motor, your engine's going to be at risk. AC Delco and 4 Seasons both make good fan motors. But which should you choose between the two? Read on to find out.

      Manufacturing facility

      AC Delco and 4 Seasons have an extensive roster of fan motors that can definitely fit any car make or model. Their factories, not just their products, passed stringent quality control to deliver excellent fan motors every time.

      WINNER: AC Delco and 4 Seasons


      The AC Delco fan motor is made to be an exact alternative to the factory fan motor. It has a low noise which is barely heard once inside the vehicle. Given its low profile, the motor is a space saver as well. Meanwhile, the 4 Seasons fan motor offers performance that is made to exceed OEM fan motors. It has a removable sleeve that can accommodate blades with ot without raised shoulder. It is also quiet and airflow is impressive.

      WINNER: 4 Seasons


      Warranty is a big deal especially to those who are attempting to always fish for more value. The 4 Seasons fan motor only comes with a 120-day limited warranty. On the other hand, an AC Delco fan motor is offered with 12 months or 12,000 miles limited warranty, whichever comes first. Since the AC Delco fan motor has a longer warranty, we will go for it.

      WINNER: AC Delco


      The price is almost always the tipping point for any comparison. Between the two, the prices of the fan motors belong in the middle of $30 and $200. The price depends on which car is to be fitted. Therefore, they are both competitively priced and they don't have much of a difference.

      WINNER: AC Delco and 4 Seasons


      Both products have shown their strong and weak points. However, when it comes down to what's really important (which is performance), they are almost inseparable. The two are good choices as a replacement of your fan motor.