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Car cleaning and maintenance is like, well, the simplest automotive task in your vehicle ownership. And yet, a lot of people don't have time to perform this simple task. But you know what's even more serious than this? Well, people who dutifully perform the needed maintenance for their vehicle but still fail to keep their ride properly cared for. And, all just because they don't have the right cleaning materials, they lack the right cleaning stuff, or they don't really know what they're doing at all. And while the last case can be addressed by reading Car Maintenance 101, you can address the first two issues by turning to Flitz for help.

But who's Flitz, you ask. Well, the name does not pertain to a person; it pertains to a large company that's into the manufacture of car cleaning materials and car cleaning solutions, aiming to meet all your maintenance needs. The company has been in the business for more than 30 years now, and it's continuously growing at present. Among the cleaning solutions that it offers are its polishing formulas in paste and liquid forms. Meanwhile, its maintenance materials range from buff balls to complete kits for restoring and detailing various parts in your ride.

The good thing about the cleaning materials from Flitz is that many of them are washable and reusable for many times, so they save you a lot on cost. They're also built from materials that are gentle on your car, so you can do all your cleaning without worrying about your ride-not a scratch, not a trace. Meanwhile, its cleaning formulations are non-toxic and environment-friendly. Many of them can also be used in a wide range of surfaces, from plastic to metal. Plus, its kits come complete with everything you'll need to do a restoration or detailing project.