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Fog Light Kit

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How to Install Your Fog Light Kit in 6 Easy Steps

When visibility is down to almost zero, you can always rely on your fog lights to zero in your focus on the road. You see, these types of lights are engineered to provide you the optimum amount of lighting during cases of hazy weather conditions. In case you need a new set of fog lights for your auto, here is a speedy six-step guide to installation.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Gloves
  • Drill and rotary cutting tool (if mounting holes are not available)
  • Preparation before installation

    As a safety measure, be sure to turn off the ignition and to disconnect the black negative battery cable before performing the installation. You see, failing to do so will cause electrocution.

    Making a hole for the fog lights if one is not present

    Typically, a car should have an empty space allotted for the fog lamps. These spaces are usually located just underneath or on the bumper. Use a drill and rotary cutting tool to cut off a hole from the bumper. Make sure that the dent created allows the fog lights to fit tightly.

    Mounting the fog lights

    Once a hole is present, mount the fog lamps to the housing based on the instructions set by your model-specific installation kit. Also, use the drill to make holes for the kit's mounting screws.

    Connecting the wiring

    Next, check the relay under the hood to connect the wiring from the back of the fog lamps. Finding the right connections should be easy since the installation kit's manual contains the wiring scheme.

    Mounting the fog light switch to the housing

    Once the relay is connected to the lamps' wiring, mount the switch on the instrument panel. In addition, use the screwdriver to tighten the screws in place.

    Testing the new fog lights

    Finally, you can test the newly installed fog lamps once all the parts are settled into place.

    Tips and warnings

    • You may use the electrical tape to waterproof the wirings for an additional protection.
    • It is always a good idea to wear gloves during installation because skin oil can reduce the bulb's lifespan.

    Fog Light Kit Articles

    • Hella vs. Spyder: Which Fog Light Kit Outshines the Other?

      Price or performance? Lighting or durability? Now these are just some of the questions that you might want to ask yourself when buying a fog light set for your vehicle. The Hella and Spyder kits, two of the leading brands in the industry, both offer the best lighting and dependability features for your car. If you find it hard to choose from these brand parts, then here is an easy guide to help you choose the perfect fog light kit for your auto.


      When it comes to budget constrictions, both the Hella and Spyder brands provide a cheap yet high quality fog light kits for your vehicle. You see, Hella fog lights offer around 90USD for their kits while Spyder types offer 52USD as the starting price. As you can see, the Spyder brand fares better when it comes to financial limitations.

      WINNER: Spyder

      Durability and dependability

      Known for the brand's ruggedness and durability, the Hella fog light kit takes this round of contrast. We equipped both parts on a Honda Civic and it turned out that the Hella lamps are more resistant to impact and terrain. With the Hella 500 series' aluminum vapor-coated reflector, your light assembly's defense is reinforced. With bonded glass lenses and tough construction, this brand boasts as a better choice for adding some ruggedness to the fog lights' styling and toughness.

      WINNER: Hella

      Defense against weather elements

      When it comes to greater resistance to weather elements, the Spyder brand is a notch higher than the Hella fog lamps because of the sealed blocking configuration that prevents moisture build up. You see, this setting is especially helpful for drivers who constantly travel at night in typhoon-prone or snowy places.

      WINNER: Spyder


      Engineered for a seamless fit, the Spyder brand is a better choice for custom built settings than the Hella fog light kit.

      WINNER: Spyder

      The verdict

      While both products remain as top sellers in the lighting industry, the Spyder brand types appear to be the better choice as they are among the cheapest but still one of the best in providing optimum lighting and longer life-service for your vehicle's fog lights.