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Your Ford vehicle gains the utmost in performance when you use a Ford Racing Clutch. Each Ford Racing Clutch is backed by one hundred years of racing and performance excellence. The Ford Racing Clutch is made with an HD diaphragm type, giving you 40% to 50% more capacity and torque than standard torque units. The Ford Racing Clutch features a nodular iron pressure plate which strengthens the clutch without sacrificing performance. Another highlight of the Ford Racing Clutch is in its discs. The discs of the Ford Racing Clutch contain sprung hubs, which provide better shock absorption and ensure your vehicle operates smoothly. Each Ford Racing Clutch incorporates a thin design to allow for quicker releases. Your Ford Racing Clutch kit comes complete with a clutch disc, pressure plate and throw-out bearing.
Ford Racing Headers lead the pack with OE quality short-tube racing headers. Ford Racing Headers come in two types. The first type consists of the "409" stainless steel. The "409" stainless steel Racing Header is used to make production catalytic converter assemblies that ensures each vehicle's 100,000-mile durability. The excellent forming characteristics and the rust-through resistance of the "409" guarantees that the Ford Racing Headers open only to light surface rust. Adapting the "409" model of the Ford Racing Header is not an issue since it will bolt to stock exhaust pipes. The other Ford Racing Header is the premium quality, ceramic-coated stainless steel variety that comes with a lifetime warranty. The ceramic-coated model carries many of the same features of the "409" stainless steel model, but also features improved rust and stain, and the ceramic-coasted Ford Racing Headers are built for longer and sustained performance. With either model, Ford's 100-year reputation in the industry ensures top-notch quality and performance.
A Ford Racing Vehicle wouldn't be a Ford Racing Vehicle without the Ford Racing Muffler. Ford Racing Mufflers come standard with embossed 3.5 inch exhaust tips. Mufflers come in many shapes, sizes, and noise configurations. The 2005-06 Mustang GT kit is the "mellow" version of the Ford Racing Muffler and features a T-304 stainless steel construction, a Ford automotive racing trademark. The Ford Racing Muffler is louder and throatier than the standard muffler, but don't be discouraged by an excess noise pollution. The Ford Racing Mufflers are still subdued enough that when you drive your vehicle around the continental United States, you're still in compliance with noise-level laws.

Ford Racing Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Ford Racing Product, For the Right Job

    NASCAR, NHRA, Formula One, Grand Prix-you can now feel and experience the exquisite adrenaline rush of the racing world with Ford Racing performance parts. With the brand's world-renowned racing heritage, it's a guarantee that your vehicle will be able to achieve its most optimum performance on the road. If you've ever watched a Formula One racing competition, then you basically have an idea of how superb and superior the Ford team can be on the tracks. Just imagine that kind of speed and power incorporated into your engine. You'll be the master of the highway and you can definitely beat even the heaviest traffic if you got the brawns and might of Ford under your hood.

    The Ford Racing division supplies a complete collection of accessories and performance parts to all kinds of Ford models, like the Mustang and F-150, two of the most popular models under the brand. The division is just one part of the globally recognized Ford Motor Company, a Michigan-based automotive and racing giant which distributes and manufactures car parts and vehicles across the world. The company has over 198,000 employees with more than 90 operational facilities and plants worldwide. Some of the world's most superior vehicle models were created by Ford, including Mercury, Lincoln, Volvo, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Ford Focus, Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger, and Ford Fiesta, among others.

    To get that aggressive, Formula One feel on your vehicle, try replacing your stock pedal cover with a Ford Racing pedal pad. This easy-to-install accessory requires no drilling and has an aluminum finish for that mighty and superior look. The pads' urethane knobs also prevent slipping and promote a better grip for easier braking or accelerating. Ford Racing knows a plain pedal pad is not enough for some car owners so the brand also came up with a wide array of designs and cuts to improve the over-all look of your vehicle's pedals.