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Ford A/C Condenser

The mere mention of the name Ford and people instantly associate this global brand with quality automotive engineering and a legacy of the best in the automotive industry. Ford is one of the most popular and most successful automakers today and it has come this far because of the exceptional quality of its products that has endeared its name in the hearts of car lovers here and abroad. Ford has spawned countless models that have become successful bestsellers. This includes the Ford Mustang, one of the icons of the American automotive industry.

Ford achieved its status in the automotive industry by consistently offering top-of-the-line autos and auto products. A Ford buyer is guaranteed to experience excellent automotive engineering in the responsiveness, agility and functionality of the Ford vehicle. Every part of the Ford meets the highest standards that Ford sets. From the bumpers to the spoilers, every inch is meticulously crafted to satisfy even the consummate car aficionado. Under the hood, the story continues, with the exceptional Ford engine serviced by the best auto parts such as the Ford A/C condenser.

Ford A/C Condenser is just one of the many high quality parts that work together to create a superior driving experience. The A/C condenser is part of the car's air conditioning system that keeps the interior of the car cool, comfortable during hot days, warm, and cozy during cold ones. The Ford A/C condenser also helps in cooling down the Ford engine, preventing it from overheating. The A/C condenser is usually cooled by one or two auxiliary fans.

It is very important to replace a damaged or malfunctioning A/C condenser immediately to prevent further damage to the engine. The comfort and convenience of the passengers is also compromised if the A/C condenser is not working properly. When looking for replacement Ford A/C condensers you should carefully appraise the quality and durability so that you can get more value for your money.

  • Closer Look at Ford A/C Condenser

    Sitting in front of the radiator of your Ford may be a small device that looks similar to the radiator. This part is integral to the air conditioning system, and it is called the Ford AC condenser. It uses the same principle as the radiator, called convection, to remove heat from a coolant. Heat tends to rise, so as the coolant is circulated through the Ford AC condenser, the air moving through the part removes the heat to the open air. When the coolant is sufficiently cooled, it returns to the inside of the vehicle to absorb more heat. The Ford AC condenser uses a series of thin metal tubes to transfer the heat. On each tube is a series of small metal fins that multiply the surface area to cool more efficiently. The tubes and fins of the Ford AC condenser are very fragile, so the slightest impact can leave the unit leaking, and when corrosion is added to the equation, the life expectancy of the part becomes finite. When, after many years, it becomes necessary to remove the old unit and replace it with a new Ford AC condenser, you will find the correct version for your specific vehicle in our large online catalog. Compared to the price of the part from the dealership, our Ford AC condenser is a great value, and it is made to the same standards as the original unit. With a full warranty from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed that it will last a very long time. With our easy ordering, either online or by toll-free telephone number, and efficient order processing, it will not be long before your Ford AC condenser arrives.