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Ford Axle Assembly

The Ford axle assembly is a step in the process that brings the power of the engine to the wheels of your vehicle, allowing it to travel down the road. The chain of components that makes this transfer of power possible is called the drive train. The transmission receives the torque power of the engine from the crankshaft, then relays it to the Ford axle assembly, which consists of components that include the constant velocity joints and boots and the axle shafts. The Ford axle assembly then transmits the power to the drive wheels to propel the vehicle. The various parts that make up the Ford axle assembly are crucial to this process, and must be well maintained for the vehicle to be safe and reliable. The CV joints are quite sensitive to contamination from dirt and debris. For this reason, the Ford axle assembly includes a CV boot to lubricate and protect each one. The CV boot is a rubber boot packed with heavy lubricating grease to keep the CV joint safe from the elements and abrasive road debris. The CV boot can become torn or cracked, allowing the grease to leak away, leaving the CV joint vulnerable to failure, which would leave your vehicle at a standstill. If you begin to hear clicking noises as you go around corners or curves, or feel a rough jerk as you accelerate, these can indicate excessive wear in the CV joints or other Ford axle assembly parts. Our secure site features a selection of quality Ford axle assembly replacements at very reasonable prices. Ordering is fast and convenient on our secure site or our excellent customer service representatives can help you with your Ford axle assembly order when you dial our toll-free number.