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Ford Brake Caliper

The braking system relies on friction to help it slow the momentum of the wheels to bring the vehicle to a stop, produced by the cooperation of brake components such as the Ford brake caliper, brake pads, and the brake disc. The brake system uses pressure from hydraulic fluid to operate these components, applied to the piston in the Ford brake caliper. This pressure on the piston causes the brake pads to move inwards, squeezing the brake disc between them. The brake pads are lined with a friction compound to grip both sides of the brake disc firmly, producing the friction necessary to bring the motion of the wheels to a stop. These parts must work together smoothly in order to produce safe and efficient braking. If there is a malfunction in any of these parts, such as a Ford caliper that has become seized from corrosion, the braking performance can be severely affected. Braking distances can become longer, or the vehicle may pull sharply to one side as the brakes are applied, making it difficult to control. A leak in the hydraulic system can cause the Ford brake caliper to operate less efficiently, leaving it without enough fluid pressure to cause the brake pads to move into contact with the brake disc, or to retract away from the disc when the brake is released. If the Ford brake caliper is not performing as it should, the brake pads may become worn prematurely or the brake disc can overheat and warp. We carry a selection of Ford brake caliper replacement parts in our user-friendly online catalog. Our site is secure for easy and safe ordering or our toll-free phone line can take your Ford brake caliper order just as conveniently.