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Ford Cargo Mat

Because of their function, we would often think that the cargo area of our Ford SUV, station wagon or minivan would never look as clean or as elegant as when we first saw it in the showroom. Used for hauling all sorts of cargo that may carry with them all sorts of carpet hazards, it is unlikely for anyone to expect that he can actually maintain the sparkling cleanliness of his vehicle's cargo area.

Keeping the cargo area showroom clean and elegant, however, is not impossible and actually far from being a desperate case. In fact, the carpeting of your Ford's cargo area can easily be protected by using a Ford cargo liner. Cargo liners are waterproof covering for the cargo area of SUVs, minivans, vans and station wagons. These components are usually custom fitted to the floor pan of your vehicle's cargo area. And while most cargo area liners would only cover the cargo area carpet, some units would extend even to the back of the rear seats and the sides of the vehicle.

Ford cargo liners are available in different designs and colors. They may also be made from different materials. Common materials used for the manufacture of cargo liners are rubber, PVC coated nylon, plastic and other manufacturer-patented materials that can provide better carpet protection. Most cargo liners would also feature a molded-in tread pattern that can hold cargos better, preventing them from swinging from side to side as the vehicle moves. Most common cargo area liner colors include black, gray and tan.

So if you want to protect the carpet of your cargo area from snow, soil, mud, dirt, oil, battery acid and all other carpet hazards that the cargos you haul in it may bring with, better start finding a Ford cargo liner that you can install on it. The World Wide Web provides you with numerous online auto parts supplier that can provide you with the Ford cargo area liner you need. Just visit any top ranking auto parts site on the web and you'll surely find the cargo area carpet protector you are looking for.

  • Closer Look at Ford Cargo Mat

    If you spend a lot of time on the weekend cleaning your vehicle after the errands and activities of the week, the Ford cargo liner could save some of your valuable time. If you shuffle the children back and forth from the various activities and sports practice sessions all week, your weekend would be better spent relaxing from the rat race of the week than cleaning the carpeting in the cargo area. The muddy sports equipment and messy uniform and shoes from the rained out soccer or baseball game can leave quite a mess when they are tossed into the cargo area. The moisture resistant surface of the Ford cargo liner can keep that soggy mess from soaking into the carpet to cause stains and mildew. The raised perimeter of the Ford cargo liner forms a lip to contain the moisture within its surface, keeping the muddy mess from seeping underneath to dirty your carpet. The Ford cargo liner is easy to clean, quite often a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is necessary. That sports equipment can roll about as you drive along your way, the baseball bat or golf clubs causing damage to the finish or carpeting in the cargo area of your vehicle as they crash from one side to the other on turns. The thick and durable surface of the Ford cargo liner can protect against the damage such items can cause, cushioning against their impact as they slide and roll. Our user-friendly online catalog has a selection of Ford cargo liner styles, making it easy to find one to suit your vehicle. Our expert customer service and great prices make ordering your Ford cargo liner fast and convenient whether you use our toll-free phone line or our secure site.