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Ford Control Arm

The Ford control arm plays an important role in the suspension system of your vehicle, cooperating with other suspension parts to add stability and safety to your vehicle as it travels down the road. Stable and agile steering is assisted by the Ford control arm, as well as good front-end alignment. The Ford control arm works with the suspension to insulate the vehicle from the vibration and bumping of the road, absorbing much of the impact before it reaches the body of the vehicle, helping to avoid the stress that such forces can place on sensitive vehicle parts. An upper and lower Ford control arm is positioned at every vehicle wheel, each equipped with a rubber bushing at the pivot points. These rubber bushings are crucial to the operation of the Ford control arm, helping to absorb the vibration of the road and cushioning the Ford control arm against damage as it moves against other suspension parts. These bushings can become worn away as the mileage of the vehicle climbs, or become cracked and brittle from exposure to the elements and winter road salt. The Ford control arm is a durable component, standing up to the abuse of rough roads for a great many miles, but an especially hard impact from a bump or pothole hit while traveling too quickly can cause the Ford control arm to bend or break. If your vehicle has a damaged Ford control arm, the handling may become quite sloppy, especially as you steer around corners. Our user-friendly online catalog carries a selection of Ford control arm replacements at great low prices. Ordering is always easy and secure on our well-organized site, or our courteous customer service can make ordering your Ford control arm on our toll-free phone line just as convenient.