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Ford Corner Light

As part of the automotive industry's legal measures, every vehicle that rolls off from factory should be loaded with standard protection and safety technologies that will feature parts and accessories on interior or exterior aspect of the vehicle to combat any unlikely mishaps or accidents. Automotive safety features should not limit its boundaries only to the protection of the driver and passengers of a specific vehicle but should also extend to others present on the road. Ford Motor Company has already recognized this responsibility to the industry so that all vehicles that were released from Ford's factory are loaded with tons of safety technologies as part of keeping their commitment abreast with the increasingly high levels of safety, driving comfort, and quietness demanded for an automobile.

Ford's commitment to the industry has continually improved the safety features for all Ford vehicles. They are among the first automakers to develop many unprecedented safety technologies particularly when it concerns crash avoidance and crash protection. Among all safety features of an automobile, Ford believes that safety belt is the single most important safety technology that's why the first seat belt that was factory installed in an automobile is that of Ford vehicle in 1955. Similarly, Ford was also the first automaker to give concern to younger passengers and marketed child restraints technologies.

Ford was also the first to integrate into Ford vehicles when air bags were developed in 1966. The same with rollover sensors and curtain rollover air bags, and emergency trunk release system; Ford was the first to employ the use of these safety technologies. As of now, Ford automobiles are featured with numerous cutting-edge safety technologies such as: roll stability control, AdvanceTrac, BeltMinder, and other personal safety system.

Ford does not only concentrate on the above-mentioned safety technologies when they speak of protecting occupants of the vehicle and others that are present on the road. Lighting systems for Ford automobiles are also another technologies that they are constantly working. Ford corner lights are one of these devices that guide the driver in all his driving activities. Corner lights emit illumination to warn other drivers on the road that that particular vehicle that signaled the light is going to turn a corner. Ford's protection and safety devices are some of the reasons why they remain one of the leading automaker that the industry has well respected of. With the never-ending development strategy for the concept they are continually employing, Ford line of vehicles will remain to be the well-loved and recognized outstanding vehicles of all time.

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