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Ford CV Boot

The Ford CV boot is designed specifically to keep the constant velocity joint in good working condition, keeping it safe from contamination. The CV joint is a crucial component in the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle, providing the final step in the chain of drive train parts. Torque power produced in the engine is transmitted through the transmission to the CV joint, which passes the power to the wheels to propel the vehicle. The Ford CV boot is a rubber protective boot, packed with a heavy grease to keep the CV joint lubricated. The primary function of the Ford CV boot is to shield the CV joint from the elements and contamination from dirt and debris, as well as keeping the CV joint well lubricated. The CV joint is very vulnerable to failure if abrasive particles are allowed to invade, leaving the vehicle at a standstill without the power it provides to the wheels. There is a CV joint at each end of the axle assembly, two per wheel, and each with a Ford CV boot to protect it. The Ford CV boot can fail over time with exposure to road salt and the elements causing it to become brittle and cracked, or torn by road debris, allowing the grease it contains to leak away. If the Ford CV boot is not replaced promptly, the CV joint can fail very quickly without its protection, leading to an inconvenient vehicle breakdown and unnecessary expense. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality replacements for your Ford CV boot at very reasonable prices. Ordering from our well-organized site is always easy and very secure or our great customer service people make it just as convenient to order your Ford CV boot on our toll-free phone line.