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Ford Cylinder Head Gasket

The Ford head gasket is a tough seal, withstanding the intense heat and pressure produced by the combustion process as it forms a tight seal between the cylinder head and the engine block, as well as all the coolant and oil passages between the two. The Ford head gasket is designed to confine the powerful forces of engine combustion inside the combustion chambers, forming a strong seal to prevent the heat and pressure from escaping to cause damage to other vehicle components. The seal that is formed by the Ford head gasket is meant to stand up to this intense heat and pressure for the life of the engine, but there are a number of factors that can cause the Ford head gasket to fail prematurely. Among the most common reasons for failure of the Ford head gasket is engine overheating. Excessive engine heat can cause the cylinder head to swell, breaching the head gasket seal. Often the cylinder head becomes warped with extreme heat, unable to be resealed properly, as the mating surfaces will no longer align accurately, making it impossible for the Ford head gasket to seal the gap. Detonation in the combustion chambers is another common cause of failure for the Ford head gasket. Detonation can cause damage to the combustion armor, allowing the heat and pressure of combustion to breach the seal of the Ford head gasket. We carry a selection of quality replacements for the Ford head gasket at great low prices in our convenient online catalog. Our user-friendly and secure site makes ordering easy, or our excellent customer service can make ordering your Ford head gasket just as convenient on our toll-free phone line.