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Ford Distributor

Your car is composed of auto parts and accessories interlinked by electrical connections which allows the passage of the electrical current to and from the components in need of it. The car's ignition is the system tasked to facilitate the smooth flow of electrical power. The ignition system is made up of auto parts interdependently working together to generate and supply the current in time to the various mechanisms and systems of the car.

The distributor is one of the parts comprising the ignition system of your vehicle. It is made up of a distributor cap which is responsible for the rotating motion of the funnel that ignites the terminal connected to the spark plug wires. The high voltage electrical energy that it generates is passed on through the rotor arm components. Hand in hand with the distributor is the rotor which serves as the means for the spark coming from the main terminals to pass through which is in turn passed on to other terminals and spark plug wires.

There are two general types of ignition system which include the distributorless ignition system and the electronic ignition type. The distributorless ignition system, as the name implies, is not equipped with a distributor, rotor and cap. Rather it is composed of three major components which include the distributorless ignition crankshaft, distributor less ignition coil and distributorless ignition module. The electronic ignition type on the other hand requires the use of the distributor for the smooth flow of electrical supply. Ignition module and pickup coil together with the distributor, rotor and cap are just a few of the indispensable parts comprising the electronic ignition type.

Constant check up is a must to ensure that the distributor system is free from defects that can hinder its efficient and smooth performance. Defective or damaged components must be replaced at once since it can negatively affect the over all condition of the vehicle.