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Ford EGR Valve

The Ford EGR valve helps to maintain the efficiency of two vehicle systems, the ignition and emission control systems. In most vehicles, the Ford EGR valve is mounted on the intake manifold of the engine. In late model vehicles it is often electronically operated, while in older ones the Ford EGR valve functions mechanically with a vacuum connection. The Ford EGR valve plays a role in the reduction of harmful vehicle emissions, as well as helping to reduce engine knock by helping to prevent the detonation of fuel in the engine cylinders. Detonation can cause the engine to run very inefficiently, losing power, producing excess emissions and consuming too much fuel, as well as presenting the danger of expensive damage to engine parts. The Ford EGR valve must be in good working order for the vehicle to pass the strict emissions inspection standards in place in most areas today, enacted to keep the pollution sent into the air by our millions of vehicles to a minimum. Many of the chemical emissions that are reduced by the use of the Ford EGR valve are contributing factors to the problems of acid rain and smog, as well as poisonous and irritating to humans and animals. The Ford EGR valve is specifically calibrated for each engine model for which it is produced, making it very important when replacement is necessary to choose the right part for your specific model, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Our well-organized online catalog makes it easy to choose just the right Ford EGR valve replacement for your vehicle. Our great prices and expert customer service makes it just as easy to order your Ford EGR valve, whether you use our toll-free phone line or our user-friendly and secure site.