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Ford Escape Bumper

Sport-utility vehicles, or more commonly known as off-roaders, are passenger vehicles that are known to perform heavier duties than that of lighter vehicles. The built of these vehicles are originally derived from light truck platform so that these are also expected to perform heavily especially on off-roads. Although, there have been some significant change that welcomed a different, much lighter car platform and much to the dismay of SUV enthusiasts, the essence of these vehicles remained to be true on all road activities. SUVs are still top choices when it comes to passenger vehicle that would combine load-hauling and passenger-carrying capacity. SUVs offer these capabilities plus making the motorists beaming more with pride because of the distinct aesthetical features.

Being an off-roader, this type of vehicle is expected to perform much better with heavier functions so that each part is located relatively different from on-road vehicles. This is to make encounters with rugged and irregular terrains easy to handle and navigate. This is mainly the reason why bumpers are installed typically higher than other passenger cars to provide better clearance whenever approaching or departing steep grades or encounters over large rocks and similar heavy objects.

Ford Escape vehicles can be seen with this construction as these were given with a much better ground clearance of 8.2 inches. Its bumpers are installed where its angle is perfect for off-road operations. If one would be carrying out task over off-road duties, these vehicles would surely not fail one's expectation.

Although each Ford Escape part is crafted with a quality that would not compromise Ford's reputation being one of the leading auto manufacturers, replacement auto parts would still be required in time. With the functions of these vehicles, it is not inevitable that these could encounter damaged or broken parts. The bumpers are especially one vehicle part that is constantly at risk. Even though bumpers are made with the toughest materials, these would come to a time wherein there's no choice but to replace it.

For Ford Escape vehicles, front and rear bumpers are provided in the industry. OEM bumpers, universal bumpers, pipe bumpers, heavy duty bumpers, drop bumpers are just some of the kinds that are available in the market. If you want to add protection to your bumper, you could also opt for front and rear bumper guards. You can make hunting of these parts a lot easier of you can tap the wealth of the internet wherein they got a complete listing of auto parts and accessories for your Ford Escape vehicle.

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