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Ford Escape Door Handle

Simple Ways to Spot the Causes behind Ford Escape Door Handle Problems

Ford Escape door handle problems are very easy to fix. You won't need to spend plenty of time and cash to restore the normal function of this car component. All you need is patience to find out what causes your door handle to malfunction. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can make the task at hand a whole lot easier for you:

Stuck latches

Car door handles that are difficult to open are the most common complaints received from Ford Escape owners. Those who own a first-generation Escape are most likely to experience such problem. That's because door handles naturally become weak over time. If you notice that you need extra force to pull the handle open, you must check the door handle latch immediately. To do this, you need to remove the plastic door panel. It's quite a task, but you have to do it in order to gain access to the latch. Inspect the latch's physical condition. If you see that it is warped and bent, you can try to straighten it with a flat-head screwdriver. But if that doesn't work, you might need to replace the entire door handle.


Noisy door handles are prominent during cold seasons. You tend to hear a loud squeaky noise every time you pull the handle open. It's a bit annoying, so you have to stop this problem right away. In this case, what you need to watch out for is corrosion. Rusty door handles become noisy because there's huge amount of friction among their metal components. These metal parts are small, so you need to remove the handle for further inspection. If the screws and latches are severely corroded, you need to replace the door handle. Apply lubricating oil regularly to stop corrosion now and in the future.

Handle coming off

When one of your door handles went missing, you must check the other three. It's possible that their mounting screws and bolts are starting to loosen up. Retighten them using a socket wrench. If some screws are already gone, replace them. It's best to choose stainless-steel bolts, so they can stay rust-free for a very long time. You can even spray paint the screws to match the color of your door handles.

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  • How to Prolong the Service Life of your Ford Escape Door Handle

    Your Ford Escape door handle is a piece of device that offers you convenience and peace of mind. It allows you to open and close your doors with ease. It safeguards the important items inside your Ford vehicle by keeping the door shut. Because of its vital function, you are required to take good care of it. By maintaining your door handle, you can guarantee that it's going to last your car's lifetime. Here are some basic door handle care tips for you:

    Inspect the handles every once in a while.

    Time is the greatest enemy of your door handles. The mechanism of the handles becomes weak over the years. The only way to know the real condition of your handles is through regular maintenance inspection. This allows you to detect early signs and symptoms of door handle problems. Try your best to check the handles once in a month.

    Remove rust from the handles, and prevent it from coming back.

    Don't feel complacent when you see that the outer part of the handle looks fine. Corrosion can be tricky, because it usually begins on the inner portions of the handle. To take out rust from the door handle latches and screws, you can use a water-based cleaner. Sand the affected areas to completely remove any rust residue. Once the handle is dry, apply a rust-inhibitor product to prevent corrosion in the future.

    Tighten the screws to keep the handle securely attached to the door.

    Missing door handles are cause by loose screws. Even if you just recently tightened the bolts, you should do it again after a couple of months. This will keep your door handles snugly fastened to your door. In doing this, don't use just any screwdriver. Use the most appropriate one to avoid damaging the screw threads.

    Lubricate door latches.

    Apply oil on the latches regularly. Oil allows the metal components to glide smoothly with one another for easy and quiet operation. It also helps a lot in keeping your door handles free from rust.

    Avoid slamming the door.

    Closing your doors by exerting too much force can cause severe stress on your door handles. It can loosen up the screws and bend the latch of the door handles. Always close your doors gently to avoid damaging the handles.