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Ford Escape Headlight Assembly

Troubleshooting Tips for your Ford Escape Headlight Assembly

Your Ford Escape's headlight assembly is one of the most essential car components that you need to maintain to ensure driving safety. But through time, some of its parts would eventually succumb to wear and tear: bulbs would get busted, fuses would become blown, and lenses would get broken. So if your compact crossover is already five years old and above, might as well inspect what's behind all the headlight problems you've been encountering. Here are some troubleshooting tips that might help you out:

Headlights won't work

If all of a sudden your headlights fail you, this could be caused by a problem in the headlight relay, a blown fuse, or a defective switch. This indicates that there is no voltage coming into the headlight assembly, which hinders it from working properly. Check the main fuse of the headlight circuit for any signs of premature wear. If the fuses are okay, chances are, a bad switch is causing the headlights to fail. Replacing the switch is a bit difficult compared to changing the bulb, but we recommend that you replace it immediately to avoid further problems.

Only one headlight works

If your Ford Escape headlight assembly is equipped with an incandescent headlamp, it only has a service life of 600 to 2000 hours of use. After that duration, expect that at some point, one headlight would start to dim or completely stop working. A burnt out bulb could cause this, or a corroded electrical wiring at the back of the headlight. A bulb burns out when its filament becomes worn-out. This happens when the headlights are frequently used, especially when driving at night. Replacing the bulb is the only way out in this headlight problem.

Headlights are not illuminating the road properly

Common culprits of this scenario are dirty or fogged lenses, or headlights that are not properly aimed. Check the headlights if the lenses have moisture buildup on the insides, especially if you've recently driven to places with high temperature. A quick fix would be using a blower to remove the moisture and cleaning the lenses afterwards. If the problem persists even after you've cleaned the assembly, then probably, the headlights are not aimed properly. They could be too high, too low, or off-center. You can adjust the headlights using the adjustment screws located at the headlight housing.

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  • Tips to Keep the Ford Escape Headlight Assembly in Good Condition

    Regardless of the type or brand of vehicle that you drive, it is a must to properly maintain its headlight assembly. Especially when driving in places with low visibility, the headlights should always be in proper working order to ensure road safety. However, it is inevitable that the headlight assembly would succumb to wear and tear, and simply malfunction or shut off while you are on the road. Before this happens, take these precautions to keep your Ford Escape headlight assembly in its tip-top shape:

    Remove headlight condensation.

    If you've noticed that your headlights seem to be a little dimmer than the usual, then you should inspect for any condensation that could have built up on the lenses. If we are correct, then the next step would be to remove the headlight assembly and bake it in a pre-heated oven with a temperature between 120 to 180 degrees for about 25 minutes. The warmth will evaporate the moisture sans the risk of softening the lens sealer. If the moisture remains unchanged, then it would be better to replace the lenses.

    Clean it regularly.

    Whenever you wash your car, don't just wipe the headlights with soap and water. Invest on a good cleaner that is specific for headlights. This way, soap residue will not build up on the lenses, which could also cause the headlights to be dimmer. Another way is to use a cut polish and wipe it around the headlight lenses on a circular motion. Afterwards, wipe the lenses with a clean cloth. Do this after you have washed your car.

    Replace busted bulbs.

    Even though you regularly clean your crossover's headlights, it won't matter if you have a busted headlight bulb. Never risk driving with a broken or busted light, unless you are looking for trouble. Replacing a bulb is easy and affordable; you can purchase aftermarket or OEM replacement bulbs for your vehicle. You can also opt to buy xenon bulbs that are more durable and brighter than traditional headlight bulbs. This is to also improve the illumination of your headlight assembly and give you a hassle-free driving in low visibility areas.