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Ford Escape License Plate Bracket

Usual Signs and Causes of Ford Escape License Plate Bracket Damage

Your license plate is very important if you want to avoid getting in trouble with the law, so it is only necessary to protect it with a sturdy Ford Escape license plate bracket. Exposure to dirt, moisture, accidents, and vibration can cause damage to your license plate bracket. To help you ensure that your license plate bracket is in tiptop shape, here are some common issues with this component:

Loose mounting screws or bolts

If you hear a rattling noise from the rear or front of your vehicle, but you are pretty sure that all the suspension system and exhaust system components are properly secured, you might want to check your license plate bracket for any loose screws or bolts. Due to excessive vibration, your license plate bracket's mounting bolts, screws, and even rivets can become loose and cause the bracket to rattle. If left unattended, missing or loose bolts and screws can even lead to the loss of your license plate bracket and license plate. If you notice that your license plate bracket is slightly askew, then tighten or replace any loose or missing bolts and screws on your assembly.

Rusted license plate bracket

Although license plate brackets were made to resist rust, long exposure to the elements can still allow corrosion to eat its way through this component. A simple visual check can tell you if your license plate bracket is suffering from rust, but you have to act on even the smallest rust spots quickly to prevent further damage. Spray an ample amount of rust inhibitor on the rust spots and pay extra attention on the mounting bolts and screws since these parts are usually the most susceptible to rusting.

Other troubleshooting tips

Since the location of your license plate bracket makes it quite prone to being damaged during a fender bender, this particular component can also be dented, scratched, or broken. A scratch or a dent can be easily repaired using normal metal body repair methods, but if your license plate bracket gets broken, you will probably need to replace it to avoid losing your license plate. Painted license plate brackets can also have chipped off or flaking paint which can make the exterior of your Ford Escape quite unsightly.

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  • Quick and Easy Ford Escape License Plate Bracket Maintenance Tips

    Your Ford Escape license plate bracket is an often ignored but pretty valuable part of your vehicle. If your license plate bracket becomes loose or gets broken, you run the risk of losing your license plate without even knowing it. Follow these simple tips to guarantee that your license plate bracket can securely hold your license plate:

    Always check your license plate bracket for missing or loose components.

    Move your license plate bracket up and down and see if it wiggles. If it does, check your mounting bolts and screws and try to tighten them. In some cases, your mounting screws can go missing or become damaged. See if the screws' threads have been stripped out or if your bolts have been broken and replace all the missing and damaged hardware as necessary.

    Solve rust issues as soon as possible.

    Take a good look at your license plate bracket and its mounting hardware. If you can find traces of rust, spray some rust inhibitor or degreaser on the damaged area at once to keep the rust from spreading throughout the entire metal frame. However, if the rust problem is already too big that your license plate bracket has lost certain portions, you're probably better off replacing the entire component instead. Consider opting for a stainless steel replacement license plate bracket for better protection against corrosion.

    Clean your license plate bracket during your weekly car wash.

    Since the buildup of grime is probably the biggest reason behind a rusted license plate bracket, you should make sure that no mud, wax, soap scum, or any other sort of debris is caked on your license plate bracket. Remove your license plate bracket and give it a good scrub at least once a week to make sure that nothing gets stuck on it for too long. Afterwards, polish the bracket with an even coating of wax sealant.

    Touch up dull or chipped off paint.

    Flaking or chipping paint does not only make your license plate bracket unattractive, it also increases the risk of corrosion. If you're going to paint your license plate bracket, make sure that you sand, clean, and prime the metal properly first before applying any paint.