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Ford Escape Struts

Common Problems Caused by Broken Ford Escape Struts

The Ford Escape struts are designed to absorb strong impact from uneven road conditions and to keep the vehicle rolling smoothly on the road's surface. Since the struts are highly prone to wear and tear especially when the car is frequently used, it may pose some problems on the vehicle's handling and control. When this happens, you have to check the struts immediately to avoid any accidents. Here are some of the common signs of malfunctioning Ford Escape struts:

Clanking noises and excessive leaning

One of the first signs you'll notice when driving on uneven surfaces, a clanking noise from the struts means that the struts have already lost their cushioning effect. This causes the struts to bottom out and the frame to make metal-to-metal contact. The clanking noise is created by the metal parts that hit and rub each other. Aside from the noise because of the struts, excessive leaning can also occur when you are turning to the left or right. A pair of struts in poor condition will make the vehicle sway and lean further. Extreme leaning can occur when you step on the brake pedal while turning, making the hood of the vehicle dip dangerously sharp.

Uncontrollable transitions

Quick transitions or changing lanes from left-right-left is going to be a problem for a vehicle with broken struts. The car will not be able to shift positions smoothly, and it will probably even stay leaned on one side. The worse that could happen is that the vehicle can even spin out of control when trying to slalom because of the blown out shocks and struts.

Faulty electronic system

If your Ford Escape has electronic struts as well as shock absorbers that adjust automatically to the road conditions, then prolonged use will also wear them out. This will result to a very hard ride, or excessive movement that may eventually lead to nose-diving or spinning the car uncontrollably. The problem is not as simple as a mechanical concern because the struts are electronically connected.

Other troubleshooting tips

When inspecting your vehicle for some other signs, you can also try to put pressure on the hood of your vehicle and wait for it to come up. It should not bounce more than once. The condition of the front tire tread can also show signs of a malfunctioning strut. If there are cups or scalping visible, then it's already a sign that the struts are already worn out because the struts can no longer hold it firmly in place.

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