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Ford Escape Tail Light Assembly

Ford Escape Tail Light Assembly Troubleshooting Tips

One of the common causes of road accidents is driving with faulty automotive lights. At night or in dark areas, these lights are the only signals of drivers since there is low visibility. So if you are driving with your tail lights out, you are putting life at risk. Good thing, you can know beforehand what could cause problems to your tail light assembly to avoid having them. Below are just some of the tips on how you can diagnose your Ford Escape tail light assembly's problems.

Brake lights won't turn off.

If your foor isn't on the brake pedal anymore but the lights still won't come off, then this could be due to an out-of-adjustment switch. Your brake light switch may already be worn-out, making it unstable. Check the switch for any signs of premature wear and replace it immediately if the damage is beyond repair.

Tail light is out.

Apparently, the bulbs are intact, but still the tail lights won't lit up. This could be due to a blown fuse or a faulty wiring. What you can do is to have an assistant step on your brakes. Check your tail lights if they lit up. If not, pull out the fuse box and check for any blown fuse or anything unusual that might cause the lights to fail. If you see a blown fuse, replace it immediately since there is no way of repairing it. However, if the fuses are all intact, look for an exposed wiring that might be causing the lights to short. Replacing the damaged wirings is the best way to restore your tail lights.

Both tail lights are out.

Upon starting your crossover, you notice that the tail lights won't turn on. This is a common problem with the tail light assembly, so don't worry. This could either be caused by an electrical disruption or a problem with the switch. You have to check the fuse box for any blown fuse or a damaged wiring. Next, you could either adjust the switch or replace it completely depending on the extent of the damage. Replacing defective parts is easy and affordable, so don't be hesitant about it.

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  • Three Easy Maintenance Tips for your Ford Escape Tail Light Assembly

    Driving your Ford Escape crossover without functional tail lights poses a serious threat to other drivers on the road. Without these automotive lights, they won't be able to know whether you are going to change directions or you are coming to a stop. Keeping this assembly in proper condition is essential to you and the other drivers' good. Several road accidents are caused by drivers who insist to use their vehicles even if they have busted tail lights; don't be one of them. Here are some easy and simple tips that you can use to keep your Ford Escape tail light assembly working perfectly:

    Clean the lenses and the insides regularly.

    Having dim tail lights is sometimes due to poorly cleaned lenses. Moisture build-up is usually one of the causes why your tail lights appear to be dim. Take time to clean the lenses with mild cleanser and wash it off completely to avoid it from condensation and hard water build-up. It also helps if you will be able to clean the insides of the assembly to ensure that there will be no dirt or dust that might keep the bulbs from illuminating properly.

    Seal it from moisture.

    One of the culprits of a poorly illuminated tail light bulb is condensation. Aside from cleaning it regularly, you can also do something to keep it from coming into your lights. You can use a Teflon tape to seal your tail lights and prevent moisture from going inside. Put two layers of this tape around your tail lights to ensure they are tightly sealed. Replace the tapes once in a while or as soon as they appear to wear out.

    Check and replace broken bulbs.

    One of the most common tail light problems is having a broken bulb. If you suspect that one or both of your tail light bulbs got broken after a crash, then you should inspect the damage and replace it immediately. You can no longer repair a broken bulb, especially if a filament becomes busted as well. Replacement bulbs are very affordable and are available in any auto parts store.