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Ford Escort Garage Door Seal

Diagnosing Your Ford Escort Garage Door Seal

With the Ford Escort garage door seal, you can make your garage more comfortable and secure from outdoor elements. It provides protection on all four sides of the garage door to make sure that no snow, rain, or insect can get inside. But because this component is not too expensive, it can wear out fairly quickly. To see what else has been causing your garage door seal to get damaged, try these troubleshooting tips.

Bottom of the garage door seal is chewed up

Over time, you may notice that the bottom of your garage door seal is looking chewed up and shrunk, leaving a gap on each side of the opening, allowing more water and tiny creatures inside. To fix this, replace the old seal with a new one. Also, if you have a mouse problem, insert an old garden hose into the center of the new seal for added resistance.

The garage door seal is loose

If you have an insulated garage door, check the bottom of the garage door seal and the vinyl molding around the perimeter to make sure that they are all still glued tightly. If you see any of these components coming off loose or forming a gap, get a hair dryer and heat up the flap on the defective vinyl or seal. This should fill the gap once again. Let the vinyl or garage door seal cool first before you open the door.

Premature wear-and-tear

You may have noticed that no matter what garage door seal you buy, it still ends up getting damaged too quickly. If this is so, then there might be something wrong with the door. Observe how it is closing-perhaps it is hitting the ground too forcefully, or it is not shutting tight enough that it still allows light to peek through at the bottom. If it is the first case, then the door might be crushing the seal. However, if it is the second scenario, then the outside elements might have been damaging the rubber component. To correct this, you will have to alter the garage door's travel limit adjustment, which is located on the door opener's control box.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Ford Escort Garage Door Seal in Good Shape

    Having a garage door to cover the opening of your parking space is not enough; there is usually a gap all the way around it. While this doesn't seem to be a big deal, remember that snow, rain, and small pests can get in that small gap. To prevent these things from entering your garage, you need a Ford Escort garage door seal. However, this component can dry out and become brittle over time. It can also get damaged and torn if it is hit by another object. In order for your garage to maintain its functionality, you have to keep your garage door seal in top shape. You can do so with these tips:

    Maintenance tips for your garage door seal

    When the temperatures drop below freezing point, add a lubricant-like petroleum jelly to the bottom of the garage door seal to help keep it from sticking to the ground.

    Inspect the garage door seal at least once a year. This component can harden or chip due to wear and tear, allowing outside elements to get inside. Also, make sure that the seal fits snugly against the bottom of the door.

    Ensure that there is a seal in the entire perimeter of your garage door. If at least one side is damaged or missing, outside elements can easily get inside your garage.

    Maintenance tips for your garage door

    Because the door works with the seal in protecting the inside of your garage, it is highly recommended that you take good care of it as well. Here are some tips to help you get started:

    Keep the garage door clean with a mild detergent and a soft car brush. Schedule this maintenance at least four times a year. By washing the door regularly, you can help reduce the buildup of corrosive elements. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or corrosive chemicals.

    If your garage door is wooden, simply follow the manufacturer's recommendations in keeping it clean. Usually it is advised that you paint it once or twice a year. When painting, finish both the inside and outside. Painting one side will warp the new coat because of moisture infiltration.

    Other maintenance tips

    Do not store pool chemicals and other products containing abrasive substances as they may corrode with the items inside the garage-including the garage door seal.